1. Logo work WIP
    View Logo work WIP
    Logo work WIP
  2. Skills/Services Icons iconography icons line art skill set
    View Skills/Services Icons
    Skills/Services Icons
  3. Self-portrait Outlines Wip
    View Self-portrait Outlines Wip
    Self-portrait Outlines Wip
  4. Self portrait line-work WIP line work self portrait
    View Self portrait line-work WIP
    Self portrait line-work WIP
  5. Personal Experiment
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    Personal Experiment
  6. Guerilla Drive-In Wip throwbackthursday vectorplay
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    Guerilla Drive-In Wip
  7. Event Icons iconography onecolor
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    Event Icons
  8. Portfolio icons contact iconography icons
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    Portfolio icons
  9. History of Human Knowledge data infographic throwbackthursday timeline
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    History of Human Knowledge
  10. Type Experiment double entendre type typography
    View Type Experiment
    Type Experiment
  11. Data Compression Icon compression data icon iconography
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    Data Compression Icon
  12. Holiday Card Type WIP handdrawn holiday
    View Holiday Card Type WIP
    Holiday Card Type WIP
  13. Explainer Graphic dataflow illustration process
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    Explainer Graphic
  14. Everything is Relative appareldesign typography
    View Everything is Relative
    Everything is Relative
  15. Platonic Solid Throwback platonicsolids throwbackthursday
    View Platonic Solid Throwback
    Platonic Solid Throwback
  16. Analyst Shirt Wip analysts nerdgear rjmetrics
    View Analyst Shirt Wip
    Analyst Shirt Wip
  17. New Website Icons! analytics data icons
    View New Website Icons!
    New Website Icons!
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