2020 Interaction Collection

December 23, 2020

2020 has definitely been the most memorable year so far. Many unprecedented things happened and I can't be more grateful that the work front stayed put for me unlike for many other people. As they say whatever doesn't kill you - makes yo...

Interaction #46. The Product Page

December 01, 2020

This shot is dedicated to all websites that advertise mobile applications. I wanted to make an interaction design for a promo page that allowed visitors to experience a product on their mobile screen. The closes existing analogy I saw wa...

Interaction #45. The Card Table

November 24, 2020

This one is another one of my explorations for a card stack based UI. The icon in the bottom left indicates a layout you'll be navigated to if you tap on it, so if you are going back to the card stack you previously had selected - the ic...

Interaction #43. The Lifestyle Tests

November 04, 2020

This one is a redesigned version of a quiz layout. Aside of the main actions a.k.a. yes & no users can swipe down to skip and check it later. Other, say personality tests, can be chosen from the top right drawer. Don't forget to che...

Interaction #41. Folder Manager

October 21, 2020

Here's a folder management UI I put together last weekend. Sometimes I work with data loaded systems and those require pretty flexible filtering approach, especially when we're talking about mobile UI. I thought this layout might be w...

Interaction #40. The Ice Cream Truck

October 14, 2020

More shots of the ice cream app I posted earlier. This is the final one, the check out experience. Hit "L" on your keyboard if you like it :)

Interaction #38. Email App Shortcuts. Part 2 / 2

September 30, 2020

Continuing on the email app shortcuts. As an email app user, I always appreciate quicker access to frequently used actions within the list of contacts, messages, e-mails etc. What are the fast access actions would you like to have in y...

Interaction #37. Persistent Bottom Nav Bar

September 23, 2020

This navigation pattern represents sub-sections in the bottom nav bar. This approach proven to be pretty useful in a couple of my past projects so I decided to share. Two of its main advantages are accessibility and convention. Amongst...

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