White dashboard

📈 Data Based Task Manager. Light Edition

December 02, 2018

Hey there, This is the light version of my shot that took the first place at the Analytics Dashboard Challenge at Uplabs. This interaction is the prototype of the data based task manager. Its user is an analyst who makes decisions ba...


📈 Data Based Task Manager

September 16, 2018

Hey there, Just made this thing for the design contest at Uplabs. This is an interaction prototype of the data based task manager. Its user is an analyst who makes decisions basing on the system analyzed data stored under their account...

Filters concept

Get Wheels. Filters Interaction

August 26, 2018

Hey friends, This time I wanted to share the first interaction I made for the first concept of filters. The prototype's been made in low fidelity to focus on the visual hierarchy, layout, and accessibility. Working/testing in Principle...

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Pizza modifier

Quick Bite

October 29, 2017

And hail again, I've finally managed to dedicate a little time to improve and add to one of my personal favorite interaction pieces, vertical section selector. Even tho the navigation approach might seem a bit unusual, if kept simple, ...

Dribbble app

Dribbble App

October 22, 2017

Hey there, We all love Dribbble app, don't we?🤔 So here i just wanted to show up a couple additions to increase usability on the taller screens as well as just add some fun to the "reload" animation. I mean why not, if it doesn't hurt...

Dashboards management

Space/Dashboard Management

October 15, 2017

Hello dear dribbblers, The case behind this shot is the multiple nesting levels (service > sub-offering > space > dashboard > widget) that are customizable by an admin user. Presented approach has "Edit Mode" that is accessi...

Calendar thing

#19 Event List

October 08, 2017

Hey everyone, So i decided to renew my activity in the interaction showcase here after the move. I'd usually post a use case here but then I figured I'd just hope it's self-explanatory, interaction isn't that great if you have to expla...


Landing Experiments. Sources sorted by complexity

April 16, 2017

Hi all, Since i had started posting examples to The Interaction Library, I've been contacted by many people who asked for the source files to some of my works and recently it's become even more frequent of a case. I don't mind sharing a...