I Voted!

August 28, 2016

For the Tribune's Texas Turnout event, my team outlined and detailed a SMS-based system to alert voters to their nearest polling locations and expected waiting time, and by which registered voters can access and request/schedule childcar...

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Tastebud Tab Bar Icons

July 21, 2016

Left to right: Offers (meals/food), Transactions, Invite Friends, More, How It Works / Help TasteBud's decided to move from a drawer nav to a tab bar — been playing with navigational changes for the last few years, and we're finally goi...

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XMod (Aug. 2008)

April 12, 2016

Significantly older than the last. Soon to be eight years. Tons wrong with this, but still nice to look back at it. Inspired by @Sebastiaan de With ✏️ 's promotional work on Flow (and I think Olivier Charavel did some similar purple-vor...

Keycard for iOS

April 10, 2016

Been a while. Two final exams tomorrow. Friday, to Geneva, then Madrid — Florence and the Machine — three days later, to Lisbon, three days later, to London, and on the 24th back to Geneva, and then Lyon. So while reviewing notes I s...

MathTasks (July 2009)

March 05, 2016

Well that's a trip. Going through old files, and found this icon from July 21, 2009. I'd played with replacement icons for a couple of years before that, but never done any actual work. I was fourteen; this was the first icon I was paid ...

Social Tracker

January 26, 2016

Been a while. Icon for a briefly-considered mobile app. Previous concept has since been trashed; icon never saw light of day and was only ever used in internal docs. As much as I dislike white backgrounds, it better allows for playing ...


June 26, 2015

Landmark day.


June 25, 2015

Been chipping away at this icon for a few hours weekly for the last month. Crit is welcome. View the 2x and the attachment (all sizes, specifically the 32@2x-16)

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