1. Input field - Exploration material design inputfield field input motion android ios ui ux
    View Input field - Exploration
    Input field - Exploration
  2. Passenger Selection Interaction illustration selection passenger card 3d design motion web ui ux
    View Passenger Selection Interaction
    Passenger Selection Interaction
  3. Order In-Progress - Experimentation ordersummary summary order illustration ui motion design vector minimal 2danimation flat animation app ux
    View Order In-Progress - Experimentation
    Order In-Progress - Experimentation
  4. Movie Ticket Booking - #2 Seat Selection vraj247 seats movie booking booking design motion android ios ui ux
    View Movie Ticket Booking - #2 Seat Selection
    Movie Ticket Booking - #2 Seat Selection
  5. Movie Ticket Booking - #1 Navigation motion ux ui product design interaction animation movies events ticket booking booking ticket interaction
    View Movie Ticket Booking - #1 Navigation
    Movie Ticket Booking - #1 Navigation
  6. The Shushi Project - 3D 3dillustration ui design blender vraj247 rendering ui ux 3d art 3d
    View The Shushi Project - 3D
    The Shushi Project - 3D
  7. Ubisoft E3 : Gods and Monstors monsters gods ubisoft game concept landing page dashboard web ux ui
    View Ubisoft E3 : Gods and Monstors
    Ubisoft E3 : Gods and Monstors
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 - Webpage cyberpunk2077 e3 xbox responsive design web ui ux
    View Cyberpunk 2077 - Webpage
    Cyberpunk 2077 - Webpage
  9. Adobe XD : Rebound 2 iphone x animation dashboard motion design flat illustration ui ios ux
    View Adobe XD : Rebound 2
    Adobe XD : Rebound 2
  10. Adobe Xd Playoff : My Rebound madewithadobexd microinteraction navigation books motion ui ux ios uidesign ux design
    View Adobe Xd Playoff : My Rebound
    Adobe Xd Playoff : My Rebound
  11. CliniRex App - Motion Version clibo ai healthcare flat animation 2d motion animation illustration design ios12 iphonex ios ui ux
    View CliniRex App - Motion Version
    CliniRex App - Motion Version
  12. Clinirex Checker - Coming Soon clibo dashboard information drug ui ux vraj247 iphone x android ios assistance voice ai healthcare
    View Clinirex Checker - Coming Soon
    Clinirex Checker - Coming Soon
  13. IWSJLT #1 - Sony Playstation Mobile App- Redesign iphone x minimal blue concept redesign app mobile playstation sony ux ui
    View IWSJLT #1 - Sony Playstation Mobile App- Redesign
    IWSJLT #1 - Sony Playstation Mobile App- Redesign
  14. 1000 Followers - Giveaway followers web ux ui animation debut man gif motion bike 1000 1k
    View 1000 Followers - Giveaway
    1000 Followers - Giveaway
  15. CliniRex 2.0 - Laboratory investigation search gif motion delete add lab drug healthcare dashboard web ux ui
    View CliniRex 2.0 - Laboratory investigation
    CliniRex 2.0 - Laboratory investigation
  16. Hiristic - Signup UX web motion fold split gif animation portal hiring role signup ux ui
    View Hiristic - Signup UX
    Hiristic - Signup UX
  17. Hirsitic Landing Page Preview student recruiter minimal banglore vraj247 illustration portal hiring web ux ui
    View Hirsitic Landing Page Preview
    Hirsitic Landing Page Preview
  18. CliniRex Check Mobile Dashboard feedback notification green flat mobile android ios ux ui healthcare interaction drug
    View CliniRex Check Mobile Dashboard
    CliniRex Check Mobile Dashboard
  19. CliniRex 2.0 - Profile banglore vraj247 education minimal clean dashboard ux ui web clinirex
    View CliniRex 2.0 - Profile
    CliniRex 2.0 - Profile
  20. #1 SCIO - Static minimal line dark healthcare 10 ios android ux ui dashboard x iphone
    View #1 SCIO - Static
    #1 SCIO - Static
  21. Blood Test Appointment form motion mobile icons flat booking blood test calendar android ux ui ios
    View Blood Test Appointment form
    Blood Test Appointment form
  22. Hiristic - Emailer web ux-choreography ux ui motion interactive illustration graphic emailer
    View Hiristic - Emailer
    Hiristic - Emailer
  23. Voice Assistance - SCIO voice-search ui-design healthcare app ai material assistant android search voice motion ux
    View Voice Assistance - SCIO
    Voice Assistance - SCIO
  24. Voice Assistance & Profile x iphone android ux ui healthcare dashboard profile pibot ask search voice
    View Voice Assistance & Profile
    Voice Assistance & Profile
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