1. Project Overview and Brief microinteraction product timeline text editor brief ux ui interaction membership principle animation status milestones attachments overview project project management product management collaboration asana
    View Project Overview and Brief
    Project Overview and Brief
  2. Beau. color illustration graphic wordmark sans serif sanserif serif text branding brand logo personal logo typography type minimalism minimalist gray blue
    View Beau.
  3. Subtasks on Board cards principle assign date picker expand collapse cardboard ui microinteractions cards ui card collaboration kanban board asana kanban project management task productivity animation microinteraction ux
    View Subtasks on Board cards
    Subtasks on Board cards
  4. Happy New Year! color animation graphic typography happy new year 2021 happy new year principle loop animation 2020 design gradient color italic loop 2020 date new year scroll text numbers gradient ombre
    View Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year!
  5. Project creation flow list asana collaboration tasks creation project management project preview interaction microinteraction ui ux kanban board spreadsheet calendar timeline gantt chart animation onboarding
    View Project creation flow
    Project creation flow
  6. Timeline interactions interaction design color collapse expand animation microinteraction wildlife ux ui timeline productivity nature goals gantt chart principle figma conservation color palette calendar
    View Timeline interactions
    Timeline interactions
  7. Summit monotone landscape illustration minimalism minimalist minimal climb summit graphic color warm orange red black and white sunset sunrise sun composition mountain
    View Summit
  8. Show your appreciation in Asana award celebration unicorn narwhal remote work remote work collaboration animation asana recognition appreciation
    View Show your appreciation in Asana
    Show your appreciation in Asana
  9. Sunset Asana logo screen print brand design brand illustration color sun symmetry purple pink orange gradient logo sunset
    View Sunset Asana logo screen print
    Sunset Asana logo screen print
  10. Head in the clouds gray illustration monochrome outline photography texture cloud portrait blue black and white procreate
    View Head in the clouds
    Head in the clouds
  11. Goal timeline ui nature wildlife conservation goals figma calendar productivity gantt chart color palette timeline ux
    View Goal timeline
    Goal timeline
  12. Blog embed UI ui principle dropbox codepen vimeo spotify twitter instagram youtube typography blog ux microinteraction animation
    View Blog embed UI
    Blog embed UI
  13. A look back at 2019 sans serif 2019 news typography futura graphic illustration texture
    View A look back at 2019
    A look back at 2019
  14. Motion logo minimalist sans serif motion color typography graphic illustration
    View Motion
  15. Slack for Mac icons: light & dark graphic minimalist black dark slack branding logo illustration mac app icon
    View Slack for Mac icons: light & dark
    Slack for Mac icons: light & dark
  16. 2018 typeface serif color texture typography abril fatface illustration graphic 2018
    View 2018
  17. iOS keyboards animation sketch design ui ux principle emoji apple iphone ios keyboard microinteraction
    View iOS keyboards
    iOS keyboards
  18. Juggling Robot automated website cms robot twitter instagram facebook social ai ux delight animation
    View Juggling Robot
    Juggling Robot
  19. athenaProud graphic brand color rainbow gradient logo gay lgbt
    View athenaProud
  20. boxbox logo branding sans serif blue pattern logo brand
    View boxbox logo
    boxbox logo
  21. Payment interaction iphone x ios mobile bank payment ux microinteraction
    View Payment
  22. Sun-kissed gradient brand pink orange sun color gradient photography
    View Sun-kissed gradient
    Sun-kissed gradient
  23. Out for Undergrad kepler college gay lgbt typography serif gotham gradient graphic print
    View Out for Undergrad
    Out for Undergrad
  24. Undo countdown iphone interaction microinteraction ux principle inbox gmail ios mobile
    View Undo countdown
    Undo countdown
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