1. To-Do List Gestures app gestures ios pull to do to do todo
    View To-Do List Gestures
    To-Do List Gestures
  2. Yelp Home Page Redesign food home page ratings redesign restaurants reviews yelp
    View Yelp Home Page Redesign
    Yelp Home Page Redesign
  3. iOS Share Sheet Recents avatars chat ios messages messenger share
    View iOS Share Sheet Recents
    iOS Share Sheet Recents
  4. Transit App Concept apple watch bart glance ios widget muni notification center transit
    View Transit App Concept
    Transit App Concept
  5. Cloud Task Bar App cloud link mac menu menu bar osx screenshot upload
    View Cloud Task Bar App
    Cloud Task Bar App
  6. BMW M3 Illustration auto bmw car csl illustration m3 sketch vector
    View BMW M3 Illustration
    BMW M3 Illustration
  7. Laguna Seca Garage Poster cars map minimal outline poster race track
    View Laguna Seca Garage Poster
    Laguna Seca Garage Poster
  8. Seiko Speed Timer Watch chronograph clock dial seiko sketch speed tachometer vector watch watch face
    View Seiko Speed Timer Watch
    Seiko Speed Timer Watch
  9. 5 Star Review Animation after animation burst effects gif illustration star yelp
    View 5 Star Review Animation
    5 Star Review Animation
  10. Yelp Biz Page - Hackathon business page flat food hackathon reservations review yelp
    View Yelp Biz Page - Hackathon
    Yelp Biz Page - Hackathon
  11. Yelp Star Animation after animation effects gif loader loading star yelp
    View Yelp Star Animation
    Yelp Star Animation
  12. Tailor ios photo scroll stitching tailor ui ux
    View Tailor
  13. Progress Bar Animation after effects animation ios loading progress share sketch tailor transition ui
    View Progress Bar Animation
    Progress Bar Animation
  14. Stitching Animation for Tailor after effects animation ios iphone javascript jquery prototype responsive scroll sketch web web flow
    View Stitching Animation for Tailor
    Stitching Animation for Tailor
  15. Call UI Animation after effects call ios8 motion phone sketch ui
    View Call UI Animation
    Call UI Animation
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