Changing and managing the Org Chart

September 05, 2022

Hey there 👋! This shot introduces you to an easy way to manage and change the Org chart view.  You can use it horizontal ↔️ or vertical ↕️, depending on your needs.  We believe that smart design is translated int...

Detailed view of the company’s structure

September 05, 2022

Hello 👋, It's good to see details about your company structure.   The org chart tool helps to analyze data 📈 and gets to know the hierarchy of positions in the company visually.   Additionally, it helps...

Navigation feature for Org Chart app

August 29, 2022

Hey there 👋! Have you seen the Org Chart before? It's one of the best-known charts used by organizations of all sizes 🤩.   The company structure contains all sorts of data that we can manage in daily work 😵. To make i...

The solution for the company’s growth directions

August 29, 2022

Hey everyone 👋! How much data do we need to collect and create effective teams 🤔?  Take a look at the solution that opens the doors to anyone who manages the company's strategic and personal development 🚀.  It sh...

Strategic planning and budget execution feature

August 22, 2022

Hey there 👋!  Here's a fresh shot to start this week on a good note 😉.  Synergy Codes solutions help to analyze your company's investments 💰 and effectively perform strategic planning for the future 📈.  Chec...

Company structure changes in time-lapse

August 22, 2022

Hi everyone 👋! Who wants to see how company structures are changed 🤔?  Check out the feature made for Org Charts that enables investigating these changes in a time-lapse ⌚. Thanks to it, you can study the forthcoming shuff...

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