Widget library

March 10, 2022

Hi everyone! 👋  The video shows the dashboard of an employee of our company as the result of the OKR goals 💥. The tool enables monitoring and using data in a visually intuitive way.   In addition to general data ...

Small widgets with company data

March 07, 2022

Hello Folks 👋! The advantage of small widgets is the ability to design 🖌️new ones to answer employees' increasing demand for monitoring 🔎 newer and newer information. The employee can choose the implementation of the proposed c...

Widgets with data for employees

March 04, 2022

Hey Folks 👋! There are so many roles in the company 🏢, and here is the question: What will data be valid for our employees 🤔?  We examined it with the help of questionnaires 📄 after their careful analysis and MVP test...

Employee Dashboard

March 01, 2022

Hey Howdy 👋! Nowadays, information is power 💪. So the main functionality of the employee dashboard is to fulfill employee needs to get desired information ✨.  Every single tail presents different information, which an empl...

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