Time-off requests management | HR app

February 17, 2022

Hello folks! 👋🏻  E-mail communication about employees leaves could be tiring, don't you think? 🤔 Check out this ☝🏼 dedicated leave management app concept 🤩 Save your time, manage time-off requests directly in the app ...

Leave management widgets | HR app

February 15, 2022

Hi folks! 👋🏻   Leave management software is a vital support for HR 👥 departments nowadays. It helps process time-off requests, views monthly employee records 📊 and makes the approval process easier and faster. Bo...

Leave Management Dashboard

February 09, 2022

Hello everybody! 👀 👋🏻   The leave management dashboard aggregates the core data 📈 to simplify the time-off management in your company 🥳. It provides easy access to leave request form 📝,  information on who i...

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