The visual representation of diagrams lists

October 22, 2021

Hi folks 👋! Check out the visual representation of the car's components 🚗, such as engine or brake systems ⚙️. The first thing you can notice is the errors ⭕ or updates ⚠️ occurrence. As the user, you can choose the category, e.g., ...

Bill of Materials option

October 19, 2021

Hi ya'll 👋! 🔥 Any industry needs perfect tools for error-free management and supportive decision-making functionalities. 🔥 Thanks to decision diagrams, the user can break down the components. Knowing well what elements ⚙️ ...

Action lists in administrator mode

October 14, 2021

Hello everyone👋! There's no room for mistakes in the automotive industry ⚙️. That's why a perfectly crafted product configurator should support the admins 😎. The Action List 📝 implemented within the admin mode does a great job by cl...

User decision flow diagrams

October 12, 2021

Hello ya'll 👋! Here's the tool that enables building the user decision flow diagrams to help precise information exchange 🤝 via comprehensive reports creator 📝 and filling the appropriate diagram's parts. The app doesn't d...

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