Digital Twin

September 30, 2021

Hello ya'll πŸ‘‹! Do you perform simulations πŸ€”? So you probably know that flows are an inseparable part of such projects πŸ’‘. This tool allows for the presentation of flows in an animated and static form πŸ‘. What's eve...

Warning detection

September 28, 2021

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹! Do you want to find out the possible errors within your simulation scheme πŸ€”? This visual system allows you to simulate the network to check for serious errors 😍. Thanks to the interface equipped with error signalin...

Mini-menu option

September 23, 2021

Hi folks πŸ‘‹! Instead of searching for a particular option, here's a mini-menu πŸ“‹ that enables quick fix implementation within the diagram πŸ“Š. Check out the available mini-menu, making it easier for users to quickly acces...

Auto-completion option

September 21, 2021

Hello folks πŸ‘‹! Thanks to auto-completion, you get tips on what elements to build the network and how to route the piping.  The snap to grid solution ensures the readability of the diagram.  In the case of exchang...

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