Knowledge graph

September 14, 2021

Hello, ya'll 👋 The diagrams also carry the knowledge of multiple nodes at once 👍. This view presents the indefinitely expanded diagram built with graphQL API 📊. Thanks to virtualization, the several thousand nodes are active, so there'...

Inheritance diagram

September 09, 2021

Hi folks 👋! Want to boost your data management while dealing with enormous piles of information daily 🤔? Let's get it straight 💪! This visual tool represents the data organization and interrelations with various databases and data ware...

Dependency diagram

September 03, 2021

Hello folks 👋! Enterprise organizations manage enormous piles of data daily 😵. We prepared a visual presentation of data placed in various databases and warehouses to support their actions 👍. Thanks to categorization via AI into data s...

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