Extended graphical user interface

August 19, 2021

Hi folks πŸ‘‹! The graphical user interface makes all the data mining and processing quite simple 😊. How? Two vertical sidebars enrich the graphic user interface to enable submenu usage with more specific functions πŸ€“. The diagram itself ...

Database timeline

August 17, 2021

Hi folks πŸ‘‹! Our diagrams for data mining are equipped with timelines βŒ›. They enable present changes in each record during a specific time. Meanwhile, the integrated table component allows the user to look over the separate datasheet πŸ“...

Databases correlations within the flow diagram

August 12, 2021

Hello, ya'll πŸ‘‹! Diagrams can provide the users with a deep dive into the specific information flow πŸ‘. With the expandable nodes, you can read all necessary data details with just one click action 🀩. It enables the user to discover dep...

Database flow concept

August 10, 2021

Hi folks πŸ‘‹! This dark⚫ /light βšͺ mode for database flow enables a stunning helicopter view of the whole IT infrastructure πŸ₯³. They are used in generating a large amount of valuable data within the company processes' modeling πŸ“Š. Here ...

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