1. Logo for a voicemail-over vector branding pitch soundwave voiceover design logo
    View Logo for a voicemail-over
    Logo for a voicemail-over
  2. i Love ZWAM illustration character design emoji green love mushroom
    View i Love ZWAM
    i Love ZWAM
  3. Logo mark for a barbershop vector barber skull beard barbershop logo
    View Logo mark for a barbershop
    Logo mark for a barbershop
  4. Hairdresser monogram gold logo monogram hairdresser crown
    View Hairdresser monogram
    Hairdresser monogram
  5. Another rejected K letter music monogram logo
    View Another rejected K
    Another rejected K
  6. Monkey! :) sketch ipad gorilla
    View Monkey! :)
    Monkey! :)
  7. K logo k monogram
    View K
  8. Little transvestite
    View Little transvestite
    Little transvestite
  9. To space and beyond! trekkie woman man character design
    View To space and beyond!
    To space and beyond!
  10. Birthcard for Wies flowers character design illustration birth card girl viking
    View Birthcard for Wies
    Birthcard for Wies
  11. Meeting friends bird illustration children book stork parakeet
    View Meeting friends
    Meeting friends
  12. The escape escape sun forest parakeet children book illustration
    View The escape
    The escape
  13. Time for a snack! 😋 cat parakeet children book illustration
    View Time for a snack! 😋
    Time for a snack! 😋
  14. The moment! children book illustration attack parakeet cat
    View The moment!
    The moment!
  15. Angry bird! :) bird illustration children book cage parakeet
    View Angry bird! :)
    Angry bird! :)
  16. Refining a character
    View Refining a character
    Refining a character
  17. Bear doesn't mind.  bear bunny wolf children book character design illustration
    View Bear doesn't mind.
    Bear doesn't mind.
  18. Dental pattern
    View Dental pattern
    Dental pattern
  19. Mobile dental practice children book dental practice
    View Mobile dental practice
    Mobile dental practice
  20. This beaver has an idea!  idea children book character design beaver
    View This beaver has an idea!
    This beaver has an idea!
  21. Look at my mouth! children book illustration mouse
    View Look at my mouth!
    Look at my mouth!
  22. The angry wolf!  wolf children book character design illustration
    View The angry wolf!
    The angry wolf!
  23. Suspicious bunny  character design childrens book bunny
    View Suspicious bunny
    Suspicious bunny
  24. Gorilla's are the best! selfie monkey duckface gorilla
    View Gorilla's are the best!
    Gorilla's are the best!
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