1. Typeout a figma plugin text strategy design tool plugin figma uxcopies communication copies content ux ui app design
    View Typeout a figma plugin
    Typeout a figma plugin
  2. Google Playstore Simplified material design new white clean app fresh design play google trending design personalised store games android focused visual design play store app ux simple ui
    View Google Playstore Simplified
    Google Playstore Simplified
  3. Pull to refresh interaction principleapp aftereffects illistration ux-design uidesign unique gif social app chat sticker chat stickers discovery delightful design interaction ui animation motion pull to refresh ux
    View Pull to refresh interaction
    Pull to refresh interaction
  4. Simplifying Youtube design google video app search bar material interaction ui ux simplified redesign native app problem solving case study app android material design content youtube
    View Simplifying Youtube
    Simplifying Youtube
  5. Media Quality preference quality optimization hikeapp user experience user interface image manipulation design ios app media quality ui selection bottom sheet android app file transfer chat media simple unsplash ux
    View Media Quality preference
    Media Quality preference
  6. Changing app theme messaging app simple design motion interaction chat app colorful app theme app animation play store app store live android ios interaction design ui ux app animation app theme
    View Changing app theme
    Changing app theme
  7. Improving chat experience visualization mobile identity branding themes hike chat experience ui design sticker chat visual identity chat bubbles android visual design simple rich conversation expressive fun conversations chat app visual ui
    View Improving chat experience
    Improving chat experience
  8. Chat list with quick actions & preview product design problem solving voice message media preview ios simplified ux messaging media voice iphone chat quick action simple quick view attachment ui messenger chat app list view ios 12
    View Chat list with quick actions & preview
    Chat list with quick actions & preview
  9. Cut Copy Share Delete interaction material copy minimal motion animation micro-interaction icon app android ux ui
    View Cut Copy Share Delete
    Cut Copy Share Delete
  10. Text editor icon animation material design toolbar minimal gif delightful trending ux icon aftereffects design material app simple android ui material icons interaction animation motion micro interaction
    View Text editor icon animation
    Text editor icon animation
  11. Quick Reply fun simple conversational quick replies chat app palette design aftereffects machine learning ios android stickers quick responses animation icon interaction app motion ux ui
    View Quick Reply
    Quick Reply
  12. Mini Profile exploration for Hike Messenger experience simple bold ui simple clean interface action button video voice quick action nativity interface uidesign ux online profile card ios hike chat app mini profile action sheet ios 12
    View Mini Profile exploration for Hike Messenger
    Mini Profile exploration for Hike Messenger
  13. Realtime Sticker Stacking emotion design ios gif stacking chat conversation expression motion android interaction app ui ux simple message app sticker animation productdesign
    View Realtime Sticker Stacking
    Realtime Sticker Stacking
  14. Audiobook app interaction experience design audio app wave book simple design motion animation reader audiobook app interaction ui ux
    View Audiobook app interaction
    Audiobook app interaction
  15. Audiobook With Reader wave white interactive topic reading audible simple design ux mobile app book app android listen player clean ui debut concept audio book
    View Audiobook With Reader
    Audiobook With Reader
  16. Goal Achiever App Onboarding slide out bold cards colorful swipe design material design aftereffects simple ripples goal android material interaction principle motion animation ui ux app onboarding
    View Goal Achiever App Onboarding
    Goal Achiever App Onboarding
  17. Mic icon animation loader simple material interaction motion animation icon voice app android ux ui
    View Mic icon animation
    Mic icon animation
  18. Zoom In Zoom Out Poster Design blue and white typography graphic design bold poster art solid color sketch vector minimal modern posterdesign design principle illustration poster graphic art graphic
    View Zoom In Zoom Out Poster Design
    Zoom In Zoom Out Poster Design
  19. Live Music app iOS 🎤 app interface iphone x singing live music video ui ux live ios music app
    View Live Music app iOS 🎤
    Live Music app iOS 🎤
  20. Instagram 3d Touch & Live Photos animation motion simple livephotos 3dtouch design interaction instagram app ios ux ui
    View Instagram 3d Touch & Live Photos
    Instagram 3d Touch & Live Photos
  21. Hole in one golf ball curves micro interaction micro animation flag identity hole in one golf bouncing material icon animation motion
    View Hole in one
    Hole in one
  22. Pinwheel icon animation delightful design aftereffects material design interaction app flat micro loader material icons material gif simple branding logo motion animation micro interaction micro animation icon
    View Pinwheel icon animation
    Pinwheel icon animation
  23. Vacation sun concept practicing bright illustration art quality time swimming vacation sea family summer cruise beach illustration
    View Vacation
  24. Quick illustration sketch grid book minimal icons wine outline icons grid pizza glass flag illustration icon
    View Quick illustration
    Quick illustration
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