1. Cards - Dark UI ui ux calendar settings tasks notifications upload design system picker to do checklist share dashboard web app event input modal popup
    View Cards - Dark UI
    Cards - Dark UI
  2. 📅 Meeting Modal Creator schedule dark application productdesign interface color desktop popover modal popup creator dashboard date picker event reminder calendar meeting ux ui
    View 📅 Meeting Modal Creator
    📅 Meeting Modal Creator
  3. Cards - White UI popup modal slider input event app web dashboard share checklist to do picker design system upload notifications tasks settings calendar ux ui
    View Cards - White UI
    Cards - White UI
  4. Flow Builder finance chart graph product design nodes automation analytic call template builder pipeline dashboard web ux animation ui flow
    View Flow Builder
    Flow Builder
  5. 🏠Real Estate - Stats property interior real estate bar chart pie chart graph map statistics ui ux
    View 🏠Real Estate - Stats
    🏠Real Estate - Stats
  6. Real Estate - Mobile Grid apartment graph pie chart filters listing details rent buy map real estate flat ui dashboard property house search
    View Real Estate - Mobile Grid
    Real Estate - Mobile Grid
  7. Real Estate - Mobile search house ipone property rental listing details flat apartment sell buy rent tiles mobile list real estate map dashboard ux ui
    View Real Estate - Mobile
    Real Estate - Mobile
  8. 🏠Real Estate - Details ui statistics map hotel dashboard sell rent booking flat house real estate interior room property details filter tooltip apartment
    View 🏠Real Estate - Details
    🏠Real Estate - Details
  9. 🏠Real Estate apartment tooltip filter region room interior cards hotel search renting web ux ui dashboard property house flat booking real estate map
    View 🏠Real Estate
    🏠Real Estate
  10. Smart Home App ios indicator statistics graph chart remote gauge app house home energy dashboard temperature stats ui ux web tablet rent real estate
    View Smart Home App
    Smart Home App
  11. Mobile Fitness App heart rate workout training gym analytics stats excercise chart statistics mobile ios graph slider fitness app dashboard ux ui product design health
    View Mobile Fitness App
    Mobile Fitness App
  12. Mobile Fitness App health product design ui ux dashboard app fitness slider graph ios mobile statistics chart excercise stats analytics gym training workout
    View Mobile Fitness App
    Mobile Fitness App
  13. Dashboard Perfomance stats fintech chart bank line bar social perfomance finance illustration gauge statistics graph dashboard ux ui
    View Dashboard Perfomance
    Dashboard Perfomance
  14. Widgets/Cards - Dark UI dark upload progress graph circle profile icons chat dashboard ui ux app statistics badges uploader mobile finance real estate
    View Widgets/Cards - Dark UI
    Widgets/Cards - Dark UI
  15. Widgets/Cards record sound slider upload progress graph circle profile icons chat dashboard ui ux app statistics badges uploader mobile finance real estate
    View Widgets/Cards
  16. Widgets/Cards real estate finance mobile uploader badges statistics app ux ui dashboard chat icons profile circle graph progress upload
    View Widgets/Cards
  17. StrefaKursow - Learning Platform illustration badges list courses landing page learning web ux ui
    View StrefaKursow - Learning Platform
    StrefaKursow - Learning Platform
  18. Trunow - Landing Page promo page ecommerce petrol landscape buildings way illustration icons landing page web app dashboard ux ui
    View Trunow - Landing Page
    Trunow - Landing Page
  19. Trunow - Mobile App points menu rewards fuel list illustration icons widelab navigation map badges app mobile ui ux dashboard profile tabs petrol station
    View Trunow - Mobile App
    Trunow - Mobile App
  20. Trunow - Mobile App illustration icons rewards pin station petrol tabs profile dashboard ux ui mobile app badges map
    View Trunow - Mobile App
    Trunow - Mobile App
  21. Schedule Web App management crm planning conference meeting agenda web settings timeline schedule calendar dashboard ux ui
    View Schedule Web App
    Schedule Web App
  22. Fountain - Applicant Form survey wizard recruitment dashboard hr graph gauge icons form
    View Fountain - Applicant Form
    Fountain - Applicant Form
  23. Chat/Messenger - Web App profile emoji inbox web app dashboard messages messenger chat
    View Chat/Messenger - Web App
    Chat/Messenger - Web App
  24. Trello Atlassian - Redesign admin cards ticket sidebar tables ui desktop dashboard statistics task redesign trello
    View Trello Atlassian - Redesign
    Trello Atlassian - Redesign
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