1. Missile Book Cover digital butterfly project publishing digital illustration typography graphic design print cover art monochrome engraved vector illustration cover illustration book cover
    View Missile Book Cover
    Missile Book Cover
  2. Bluelooper Magazine Cover texture print magazine layout digital illustration creative writing cover illustration cover design cover art
    View Bluelooper Magazine Cover
    Bluelooper Magazine Cover
  3. Squirrel Machine: Plaid Meat gig poster music poster machine art industrial illustration poster illustration deep texture russian constructivist graphic design plakatstil poster design digital illustration
    View Squirrel Machine: Plaid Meat
    Squirrel Machine: Plaid Meat
  4. Integrity: Poster for the IRS sachplakat retro poster poster design plakatstil illustration flat illustration flat design digital illustration art deco
    View Integrity: Poster for the IRS
    Integrity: Poster for the IRS
  5. Warrior Care in the 21st Century Poster II warfighter digital butterfly project retro poster veterans warrior poster illustration plakatstil event poster
    View Warrior Care in the 21st Century Poster II
    Warrior Care in the 21st Century Poster II
  6. Warrior Care in the 21st Century Poster digital butterfly project plakatstil warrior veterans poster illustration poster design poster art graphic illustration event poster digital illustration
    View Warrior Care in the 21st Century Poster
    Warrior Care in the 21st Century Poster
  7. Recoleta Travel Poster wwii poster sachplakat poster design plakatstil biela jacaranda destination poster cementerio de la recoleta buenos aires advertising campaign
    View Recoleta Travel Poster
    Recoleta Travel Poster
  8. Return To Orbit Pocket Folder digital illustration discovery channel trompe loeil texture line drawing deep texture print design pocket folder press kit space shuttle illustration
    View Return To Orbit Pocket Folder
    Return To Orbit Pocket Folder
  9. Torque Cover logotype digital butterfly project magazine cover book cover plakatstil typography graphic design deep texture digital illustration cover illustration
    View Torque Cover
    Torque Cover
  10. The Machine digital butterfly project plakatstil graphic design flat illustration book cover cover illustration deep texture illustration typography digital illustration
    View The Machine
    The Machine
  11. Klammern: Karma Riptide illustration digital butterfly project deep texture digital illustration industrial art gothic art music art cd cover album art album cover
    View Klammern: Karma Riptide
    Klammern: Karma Riptide
  12. ISOTOPE Annual Report 2019 digital butterfly project graphics science! magazine layout layout annual report design graphic design illustration digital illustration
    View ISOTOPE Annual Report 2019
    ISOTOPE Annual Report 2019
  13. Understanding Acid digital butterfly project low color vector illustration magazine cover trippy psychedelic illustration cover illustration digital illustration
    View Understanding Acid
    Understanding Acid
  14. ALP: No Nations No Peoples the digital butterfly project electronic music texture deconstructivist cd cover album cover cover illustration assemblage deep texture digital illustration arthur loves plastic arthur loves plastic
    View ALP: No Nations No Peoples
    ALP: No Nations No Peoples
  15. Captain Trippy's Space Vortex graphic illustration gig poster flat illustration poster illustration poster art deep texture graphic design typography poster design digital illustration
    View Captain Trippy's Space Vortex
    Captain Trippy's Space Vortex
  16. Aqua digital butterfly project cover design magazine layout marks and logos type treatment logotype type design typography deep texture oceans oceanography flat illustration publication design digital illustration cover illustration magazine cover magazine illustration magazine design
    View Aqua
  17. Orange Velvet Sunshine Machine gig poster digital butterfly project trippy psychedelic typography typographic design typography classic rock 60s design 60s art psychedelic illustration psychedelic poster illustration digital illustration poster design concert poster graphic design
    View Orange Velvet Sunshine Machine
    Orange Velvet Sunshine Machine
  18. Neuroscience Magazine Cover digital butterfly project cover design type treatment type design typogaphy deep texture neuroscience flat illustration cover illustration illustration publication design magazine cover magazine layout
    View Neuroscience Magazine Cover
    Neuroscience Magazine Cover
  19. La Paz Travel Poster the digital butterfly project bolivia la paz typography traditional media graphic design poster design travel destination deep texture adobe illustrator digital illustration flat design flat illustration illustration travel poster sachplakat plakatstil poster art poster
    View La Paz Travel Poster
    La Paz Travel Poster
  20. Disturbalon poster design poster digital butterfly project digital design illustration graphic design cover graphics record cover album art album cover cityscape dirigible deep texture gig poster dystopia graphic illustration digital illustration music illustration music graphics myles marlow
    View Disturbalon
  21. Commuting In The Digital Age icons cityscape not powerpoint halftone gritty deep texture digital age information age agrarian age commuting poster style presentation design digital illustration digital design slide show presentation
    View Commuting In The Digital Age
    Commuting In The Digital Age
  22. The Work work ethic the work type design typography self portrait artist statement poster art poster design digital design worker the digital butterfly project russian constructivism adobe illustrator layout deep texture graphic design magazine spread page layout digital illustration
    View The Work
    The Work
  23. Invincible Book Cover texture paperback americas digital illustration cover illustration book cover
    View Invincible Book Cover
    Invincible Book Cover
  24. Jardines Del Alcázar advertising campaign watercolor jardines del alcázar plakatstil traditional media travel poster digital illustration poster design
    View Jardines Del Alcázar
    Jardines Del Alcázar
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