1. Scallywags! hexagonal illustration illustrator kraken logo pirate sailor scallywags team logo
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  2. Scallywags & the kraken: Take III illustration kraken logo logo design pirate scallywags team logo
    View Scallywags & the kraken: Take III
    Scallywags & the kraken: Take III
  3. Scallywags: Take II illustration illustrator lockup logo pirate sallywags team logo
    View Scallywags: Take II
    Scallywags: Take II
  4. Scamps, Scoundrels, Scallywags illustration lockup logo pirate skeleton skull
    View Scamps, Scoundrels, Scallywags
    Scamps, Scoundrels, Scallywags
  5. Feel me flow acquisition flow chart user experience ux
    View Feel me flow
    Feel me flow
  6. Design Sprint Blog Post blog design sprint user centered design ux design uxresearch
    View Design Sprint Blog Post
    Design Sprint Blog Post
  7. Design Sprint Thumbnails invision invisionapp prototype sprint user experience ux
    View Design Sprint Thumbnails
    Design Sprint Thumbnails
  8. Pumpkin Spice — 'tis the season, ya'll fall harvest icon illustration latte pumpkin pumpkin spice seasonal sketch vector
    View Pumpkin Spice — 'tis the season, ya'll
    Pumpkin Spice — 'tis the season, ya'll
  9. Design Personas design personas user personas ux ux research
    View Design Personas
    Design Personas
  10. The Smart-Tech Steward Persona design persona illustration insights persona proto persona synthesis ux ux research
    View The Smart-Tech Steward Persona
    The Smart-Tech Steward Persona
  11. The Convenience Co-Opter design persona persona proto persona user centered user research ux
    View The Convenience Co-Opter
    The Convenience Co-Opter
  12. The Stringent Saver persona proto persona user centered user experience ux
    View The Stringent Saver
    The Stringent Saver
  13. Persona Rigid Routiner persona proto persona user centered user research ux
    View Persona Rigid Routiner
    Persona Rigid Routiner
  14. User Flow/Journey Mashup cx happy path user experience user flow user journey ux
    View User Flow/Journey Mashup
    User Flow/Journey Mashup
  15. User Flow Detail hybrid site map user flow ux
    View User Flow Detail
    User Flow Detail
  16. PM Tool Wires analytics dashboard data prototyping ux wireframe
    View PM Tool Wires
    PM Tool Wires
  17. WIP User Journey human centered personas sketch user journey ux ux research
    View WIP User Journey
    WIP User Journey
  18. Dashboard Flow flow chart user flow ux
    View Dashboard Flow
    Dashboard Flow
  19. Proof of Concept animation principle product design sketch tracking ux wireframes
    View Proof of Concept
    Proof of Concept
  20. Thermostat Dash dashboard eco mode mobile product smart thermostat thermostat ui ux
    View Thermostat Dash
    Thermostat Dash
  21. Heat Icon icon interface sketch thermostat ui
    View Heat Icon
    Heat Icon
  22. Phone Detail mobile catalog phones product detail product shot ui ux
    View Phone Detail
    Phone Detail
  23. Store Location Cards iconography landing page locations ui ui cards ui patterns ux
    View Store Location Cards
    Store Location Cards
  24. Mardi Gras Invites hand lettering invites mardi gras nola print
    View Mardi Gras Invites
    Mardi Gras Invites
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