1. Dystopic CO branding corporative design eye graphic design heart logo samudiaz typography vector
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    Dystopic CO
  2. Consentidos - Festival Branding brand identity branding design festival logo illustration samudiaz typography
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    Consentidos - Festival Branding
  3. Consentidos - Festival Poster branding festival festival logo festival poster illustration samudiaz typography vector
    View Consentidos - Festival Poster
    Consentidos - Festival Poster
  4. El Bravo barber brand design brand identity branding hairstyle illustration logo oldschool panther samudiaz vector
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    El Bravo
  5. El bravo barber brand identity branding design hairstyle illustration logo oldschool panther samudiaz vector
    View El bravo
    El bravo
  6. Farmer in the hole branding design farm hole illustration moon samudiaz seed snake vector weed weed logo weeds weeds brand
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    Farmer in the hole
  7. Cover proposal for Rels B - Aleluya aleluya chain cover cover design music rap relsb samudiaz skinnyflakk
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    Cover proposal for Rels B - Aleluya
  8. Graphic for cover chain cover illustration oldschool samudiaz typography
    View Graphic for cover
    Graphic for cover
  9. Dark Phoenix - Joseph & Nico bird cover design fire iceberg samudiaz
    View Dark Phoenix - Joseph & Nico
    Dark Phoenix - Joseph & Nico
  10. Paura - Owan cloud cover cover design eye flat samudiaz
    View Paura - Owan
    Paura - Owan
  11. Christmas
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  12. OldSchool + 3D
    View OldSchool + 3D
    OldSchool + 3D
  13. X oldschool samudiaz typography
    View X
  14. Flower flower lily lockup samudiaz typography
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  15. Svadhisthana
    View Svadhisthana
  16. Anahata
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  17. Visuddha
    View Visuddha
  18. E-qualitë poster
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  19. Anahata cinema4d
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  20. BlackFam 01
    View BlackFam 01
    BlackFam 01
  21. Boneymal cinema4d
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