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This is a space where we share the effects of our Product Design team’s creative sessions. Check our designs, micro interactions, and animations

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Holka Chocolate

January 16, 2019

So we have our beautiful website designed, all breakpoints prepared… but what happens between? 🤔 Check an effect of our recent Creative Friday challenge - Grid behavior briefing. 📱⃡ 💻 A short movie presenting different elements behavi...

Cf volvo 25fps  1

Responsive web design (RWD)

January 15, 2019

Hello Dribbblers! What if we could stop thinking about the responsive web design only from the perspective of grid and layout? Let’s jump out of the box! … or at least from the rectangular grid 😊 Let’s try with the responsive image! He...

Hotel - fullscreen menu concept

January 15, 2019

Hey Dribbblers, Take a look at our another example of adopting Element UI library to design the hotel landing page with the interactive menu. Let us know what do you think and don’t forget to click “L” if you like it. Design team: 👨‍🎨...

Creativefriday001 dribbble


January 09, 2019

Hello everyone! Let’s get back to one of the first shots that came together as a result of our Creative Fridays initiative. Here’s an idea for a perfect pairing machine that puts great minds together. Design team: 👨‍🎨 @Kacper Czyczył...

Digital Showroom Concept

January 07, 2019

Here we go again, with another digital showroom concept designed by yours truly. We’d like to show you a minimalist UI supported by a great product packshot. What more is there to add? Let us know what you think! Design team: 👨‍🎨 @Igo...

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Dribbble 1animation

Hotel Booking Form

December 07, 2018

Today, we’d like to show you another example of adopting already existing UI frameworks to create enticing and inspiring designs. 🏨 In designing this hotel booking page, we used the Element-UI library and gave it a boost with a little b...

Animation   flow

Airlines flight booking

December 07, 2018

Design is all about solving problems. In this case, we set out to come up with an idea how to make life easier for developers and improve the communication between us—the designers—and them. It’s safe to assume that it would improve th...

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Rental Management Landing Page

November 20, 2018

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: designers and developers splitting hairs over their two worlds colliding 😠 Rings a bell, doesn’t it? Inconsistencies between design and development are a plague in the community 💬 But what if there was...