1. Cocktail menu menu simple tabs
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    Cocktail menu
  2. Cosmetics Redesign bootstrap carousel cosmetics minimal redesign slideshow white
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    Cosmetics Redesign
  3. Webshop clean fashion minimal typography webshop
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  4. Hotel website calendar hotel minimal
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    Hotel website
  5. Minimal slideshow minimal slideshow
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    Minimal slideshow
  6. Hotel card holder hotel minimal print
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    Hotel card holder
  7. Beauty salon beauty block bootstrap minimal salon
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    Beauty salon
  8. Mobile nav minimal mobile navigation webshop
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    Mobile nav
  9. Product variations fashion product visualization webshop
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    Product variations
  10. Hotel business card business card hotel
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    Hotel business card
  11. Minimal slideshow arrow minimal slideshow
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    Minimal slideshow
  12. Logo lines logo minimalistic simple
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  13. Treatment overview bar beauty overview sleek slim
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    Treatment overview
  14. 'Where to find us' city floor map plan
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    'Where to find us'
  15. Subscribe to our newsletter button newsletter subscribe
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    Subscribe to our newsletter
  16. Fashion brand website fashion light minimal space website white
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    Fashion brand website
  17. Breakfast Voucher hotel minimal paper voucher
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    Breakfast Voucher
  18. Slideshow content clean minimal slideshow
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    Slideshow content
  19. Product group catalog minimal product
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    Product group
  20. Product Groups catalog homepage minimal product shop
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    Product Groups
  21. Product summary catalog minimal product summary view webshop
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    Product summary
  22. My company logo company design logo
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    My company logo
  23. Student dashboard bootstrap dashboard data log tables
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    Student dashboard
  24. Slideshow transition animations slideshow transitions
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    Slideshow transition
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