1. 8.000 + 1.000 times thank you! likes windows brutalism brutalist minimal artwork motion design typography panton narrow illustration bashbashwaves 70s mont blanc thankyou thanks followers rhox type foundry fontfabric behance
    View 8.000 + 1.000 times thank you!
    8.000 + 1.000 times thank you!
  2. \\WAVES – Adobe Special titling gothic tungsten animated artwork poster art animation television tv behance narrated behance adobe branding playlist motion design illustration vintage rhox 70s spotify typography bashbashwaves
    View \\WAVES – Adobe Special
    \\WAVES – Adobe Special
  3. \\WAVES – Season Three animated poster poster rayban animated artwork cd cover plastic wrap behance toilet paper cd artwork cyborg sunglasses 70s vintage playlist spotify illustration rhox motion design typography bashbashwaves
    View \\WAVES – Season Three
    \\WAVES – Season Three
  4. Outasight – All Time Fave waves cassette player cassette brutaslim animated artwork spotify design vintage radio plastic wrap clouds basketball blaster stereo playlist illustration motion design typography rhox bashbashwaves
    View Outasight – All Time Fave
    Outasight – All Time Fave
  5. Frankie Hi-NRG MC – Quelli Che Benpensano 1997 quelli che benpensano la morte dei miracoli frankie hi nrg mc old school italian hip hop hip hop plastic wrap vinyl artwork illustration typography vintage wayfarer rayban spotify motion design playlist rhox bashbashwaves
    View Frankie Hi-NRG MC – Quelli Che Benpensano
    Frankie Hi-NRG MC – Quelli Che Benpensano
  6. Playlist: NEON CITY AWE city life city metropolis daft punk nightvision night playlist gloomy vaporwave neon commute spotify illustration bashbashwaves train metro tube subway motion design rhox
    View Playlist: NEON CITY AWE
    Playlist: NEON CITY AWE
  7. WAVS.COM – loop library mouse button advertisting cassette pencil pen synthetiser synth vinyl player vinyl smartphone musicians musician producer launchpad keyboard motion design illustration bashbashwaves rhox
    View WAVS.COM – loop library
    WAVS.COM – loop library
  8. Tin Hat Trio – Bill orange plastic bag motion birds trees glare clouds typography illustration spotify gold ingot forest 70s sail ho studio matteo goi motion design bashbashwaves vintage rhox
    View Tin Hat Trio – Bill
    Tin Hat Trio – Bill
  9. New Playlist: A COSMIC JOURNEY ui designers cosmic monochromatic bw brutalism cd artwork cd case plastic case jewelcase music artwork branding vintage spotify motion design playlist bashbashwaves 70s rhox
    View New Playlist: A COSMIC JOURNEY
    New Playlist: A COSMIC JOURNEY
  10. 7k – Behance stars distressed paper blkmarket texture gritty universe cosmic cosmos reflections chrome chrometype rob sheridan nin nine inch nails followers behance design vintage rhox
    View 7k – Behance
    7k – Behance
  11. David Holmes – Shit! Shit! Shit! psychedelic abstract typography music warner bros warner records david holmes shit toilet paper toilet roll poster spotify playlist motion design 70s bashbashwaves vintage rhox
    View David Holmes – Shit! Shit! Shit!
    David Holmes – Shit! Shit! Shit!
  12. Open Eye Signal centered looping loop palette typetopia motion graphics eye abstract vintage symmetry illustration design motion design 70s rhox
    View Open Eye Signal
    Open Eye Signal
  13. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – A COSMIC JOURNEY (playlist) space apple music nasa playlist cover looping artwork spotify rhox 70s motion design symmetry bashbashwaves typography nine inch nails trent reznor cosmic playlist
    View Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – A COSMIC JOURNEY (playlist)
    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – A COSMIC JOURNEY (playlist)
  14. Morcheeba – Mandala typography graphic design label plastic wrap looping artwork psychedelic psychedelia mandala spotify playlist 70s rhox motion design abstract symmetry bashbashwaves vintage trip hop morcheeba
    View Morcheeba – Mandala
    Morcheeba – Mandala
  15. Oasis – Go Let It Out go let it out stickers plastic bag typography waves psychedelia psychedelic music animated artwork spotify branding playlist motion design rhox vintage 70s bashbashwaves abstract plastic wrap oasis
    View Oasis – Go Let It Out
    Oasis – Go Let It Out
  16. \\WAVES playlist – STREET FIGHTING MECHS artwork 70s typography branding marathon scifi mech mecha concept art gradoner cover artwork motion design playlist bashbashwaves rhox cyberpunk 2077 cyberpunk
  17. The Magician – Sunlight (feat. Years & Years) branding loop wheel album cover design remix smooth album artwork music artwork looping artwork the magician sunlight artwork typography spotify motion design 70s playlist symmetry bashbashwaves rhox
    View The Magician – Sunlight (feat. Years & Years)
    The Magician – Sunlight (feat. Years & Years)
  18. \\WAVES – season two music eye spaceship collection plastic wrap after effects behance album cover animated artwork cd packaging psychedelia vintage poster spotify motion design illustration playlist 70s rhox bashbashwaves
    View \\WAVES – season two
    \\WAVES – season two
  19. 80kidz – Reflex vector poster orange stripes brutal electro playlist smooth ui spotify motion design typography symmetry branding rhox 70s bashbashwaves 80kidz brutalism
    View 80kidz – Reflex
    80kidz – Reflex
  20. \\WAVES – new playlist: CROSSING GRASSLANDS spotify typography motion design playlist vintage tractor clouds hills windmill illustration bashbashwaves rhox cover artwork cd cover looping animation looping gif countryside farm field
    View \\WAVES – new playlist: CROSSING GRASSLANDS
    \\WAVES – new playlist: CROSSING GRASSLANDS
  21. Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers spotify music hovering cavalcanti smoke stars spaceship illustration bashbashwaves abstract symmetry 70s vintage rhox motion design poster electro house playlist dubstep knife party
    View Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers
    Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers
  22. David Holmes – Yen On a Carousel mystical stars ben marriott eye bashbashwaves symmetry vintage rhox 70s 60s psychedelia psychedelic playlist funk rock funk david holmes heist movie heist soderbergh
    View David Holmes – Yen On a Carousel
    David Holmes – Yen On a Carousel
  23. NΓΈrus – Make a Move branding geometry orange poster design poster series spotify music lo-fi house house poster typography playlist vintage bashbashwaves brutalist design brutalism 70s rhox stacked norus
    View NΓΈrus – Make a Move
    NΓΈrus – Make a Move
  24. Autokratz – Pardon Garcon 2007 illustration sphere spotify maison kitsunΓ© mechanical electronic techno industrial clockwork circuitry motion design vintage typography playlist poster bashbashwaves 70s rhox autokratz
    View Autokratz – Pardon Garcon
    Autokratz – Pardon Garcon
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