1. Healthcare Dashboard app charts dash dashboard health app health care healthcare healthcare app patient work in process
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    Healthcare Dashboard
  2. Shape of Craft abstract code development dribbble hosting playoff playoffs shapes web
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    Shape of Craft
  3. The Craft Generation craft host hosting illustration web
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    The Craft Generation
  4. Ghost ghost ghost party halloween illistration
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  5. Request a Demo app demo devices ios request schedule white
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    Request a Demo
  6. Bit Statistics card floating illustration isometric space spaceman statistic stats
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    Bit Statistics
  7. Bit Security bit clean gradient guard illustration isometric save security shield space stats support
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    Bit Security
  8. Bit Machine asymmetric bit clean gradient illustration machine monitoring shift shifters
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    Bit Machine
  9. Phone Software Company Design app blue cloud company design gradient illustration phone software web
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    Phone Software Company Design
  10. Curated For You 091 articles card cards curated dailyui day for latest read suggested you
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    Curated For You
  11. Create New 090 app create dailyui day new profile welcome
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    Create New
  12. Avatar 088 anime avatar blue chan cyan dailyui day eyes gradient manga
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  13. Tooltip 087 card cards dailyui day learning onboarding questioner study tooltip
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  14. Progress Bar 086 bar crayon dailyui day drawing gradient illustration level progress skill
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    Progress Bar
  15. Pagination 085 gradient dailyui day pagination purple
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  16. Status Update - Day 081 081 dailyui day status update
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    Status Update - Day 081
  17. Itinerary app dailyui dates itinerary trip vacation
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  18. Pending Invitation 078 card dailyui day invitation pending
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    Pending Invitation
  19. Thank You app card dailyui thank you
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    Thank You
  20. Pre-Order 075 ar dailyui day oculus order pre pre order preorder vr
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  21. Virtual Reality - Day 073 dailyui dark live page reality token ui virtual vr web
    View Virtual Reality - Day 073
    Virtual Reality - Day 073
  22. Image Slider app bands blue card cards dailyui event image live show slider
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    Image Slider
  23. Schedule - Day 071 071 app blue calendar card dailyui event schedule
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    Schedule - Day 071
  24. Event Listing band color dailyui event listing ticket
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    Event Listing
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