December 05, 2016

First attempt on the branding for my own side project. I want to create a fresh and bold identity with simple shapes and typography.

Side project

May 05, 2014

Long time no see... Finally had some time to start with my new side project. It's going to be awesome:) This is just a quick shot, but i'll upload more soon.

My feed

October 21, 2013

Worked a little bit on this screen again. Made some minor adjustments... This stream show interesting collections based on users behavior and preferences. It shows random collections at first, which users can sort or search. As promise...

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October 15, 2013

Got some spare time to work on this never-ending personal project. I've got some new ideas that are really awesome:) This is the first shot of many more! Real pixels are coming soon... for now just a teaser. What you think?


Upload v2

April 19, 2013

A little something before the weekend! Trying a different approach for the upload section. I prefer this one so far... What do you guys think? See the attachment for the different steps. Have a great weekend!

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Mv icons

Some sweet icons

March 25, 2013

First attempt on creating these icons (never done it before). I'm pretty happy with it so far. What do you guys think? Any thoughts?

Mv uploaden


March 19, 2013

Working on the upload section for this project. It has to be simple but effective. Any thoughts for improving this? See full page here

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March 05, 2013

Got some feedback on this page. Worked on it and tried some different things like a colored menubar. You can see the first version here. See full page here Think this is better?

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