1. Icon set. Red&Black Caviar blackcaviar caviar highlights icon design icon set instagram stories redcaviar ui
    View Icon set. Red&Black Caviar
    Icon set. Red&Black Caviar
  2. Blog Post 035 animated gif animation colors dailyui gradients palm tree palms parrot rio de janeiro user interface
    View Blog Post
    Blog Post
  3. Search Bar 022 animation bounce dailyui input search search bar
    View Search Bar
    Search Bar
  4. Pricing&Product Pages 030 033 animation dailyui food food app iphone 8 mobile design principle swiping ui ux
    View Pricing&Product Pages
    Pricing&Product Pages
  5. WaterApp (#DailyUI) 027 028 029 animation dailyui loader principle ui water water app
    View WaterApp (#DailyUI)
    WaterApp (#DailyUI)
  6. Subscribe Screens 026 dailyui email email marketing illustrations iphone x mockup paper planes subscribe subscription violet
    View Subscribe Screens
    Subscribe Screens
  7. TV App Design 025 challenge dailyui dailyui challenge gradients imdb mock up movie app movies sony tv app ui uidesign uxdesign
    View TV App Design
    TV App Design
  8. Cruise Boarding Pass 024 boarding pass cruise cruise boarding pass dailyui grey minimalism minimalistic qr code typography
    View Cruise Boarding Pass
    Cruise Boarding Pass
  9. Onboarding for YourYoga 022 clean dailyui gradients illustration meditation onboarding onboarding screens onboarding ui sport ux yoga yoga app
    View Onboarding for YourYoga
    Onboarding for YourYoga
  10. Home Monitoring Dashboard 021 dailyui dashboard home monitoring home monitoring dashboard ipad pro mockup music player ui ux weather
    View Home Monitoring Dashboard
    Home Monitoring Dashboard
  11. Leaderboard & Location Tracker 019 020 dailyui iphone 8 plus leaderboard location location app location tracker mapping sport sport app tracker ui ux uxdesign
    View Leaderboard & Location Tracker
    Leaderboard & Location Tracker
  12. Analytics Chart analytics analytics chart chart dailyui gradients running sport statistic stats ui
    View Analytics Chart
    Analytics Chart
  13. Email Receipt 017 apartment black and white booking dailyui email receipt hotel hotel booking mock up receipt reservation tablet
    View Email Receipt
    Email Receipt
  14. Pop-Up / Overlay (Dog Shelter's Landing Page) 016 animals dailyui dog popup shelter ui
    View Pop-Up / Overlay (Dog Shelter's Landing Page)
    Pop-Up / Overlay (Dog Shelter's Landing Page)
  15. On/Off Switch 015 button buttons dailyui illustration jogging office running shadows ui work
    View On/Off Switch
    On/Off Switch
  16. Countdown Timer for WaterApp 014 app design blue dailyui mobile app mockup ux water water app
    View Countdown Timer for WaterApp
    Countdown Timer for WaterApp
  17. Direct Messaging App 013 app dailyui message app minimalism minimalistic mockup ui ux
    View Direct Messaging App
    Direct Messaging App
  18. Single Item Page for Coffee E-Commerce Shop 012 coffee dailyui ecommerce design espresso ui
    View Single Item Page for Coffee E-Commerce Shop
    Single Item Page for Coffee E-Commerce Shop
  19. Flash Message (an error and success (DailyUI)) 011 banana black dailyui icons iconset photo yellow
    View Flash Message (an error and success (DailyUI))
    Flash Message (an error and success (DailyUI))
  20. Social Share Buttons 010 dailyui gradients red share share button ui
    View Social Share Buttons
    Social Share Buttons
  21. Music Player Design 009 colorful dailyui mockup music app music player orange ui ux
    View Music Player Design
    Music Player Design
  22. 404 Page for Weather Desktop App 008 404 error page content dailyui illustration sunrise sunset ux weather app
    View 404 Page for Weather Desktop App
    404 Page for Weather Desktop App
  23. Settings for Weather Desktop App 007 dailyui illustration ux weather app
    View Settings for Weather Desktop App
    Settings for Weather Desktop App
  24. Calories Calculator (DailyUI) 004 dailyui ui ux
    View Calories Calculator (DailyUI)
    Calories Calculator (DailyUI)
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