1. Blueshore Financial clean nautical webdesign financial app
    View Blueshore Financial
    Blueshore Financial
  2. Fin-tech alternate ( didnt make the cut ) fintech organic blue
    View Fin-tech alternate ( didnt make the cut )
    Fin-tech alternate ( didnt make the cut )
  3. Fintech Website application crisp white fintech organic vibrant
    View Fintech Website
    Fintech Website
  4. Homepage Rebrand Project minimal bold analytics blue yellow rebrand
    View Homepage Rebrand Project
    Homepage Rebrand Project
  5. Therapy landing pages dark blue clean line-icons therapy web design beige green
    View Therapy landing pages
    Therapy landing pages
  6. Styleguide Wip simple modern modules pattern library styleguide
    View Styleguide Wip
    Styleguide Wip
  7. Online Magazine  website magazine newsletter search cards simple
    View Online Magazine
    Online Magazine
  8. Interactive Visualization tablet analytics data visualization
    View Interactive Visualization
    Interactive Visualization
  9. HR Tool feed line graph donut chart dashboard analytics cards
    View HR Tool
    HR Tool
  10. Practi Employee Training Landing Page blue wip landing page
    View Practi Employee Training Landing Page
    Practi Employee Training Landing Page
  11. Customer Template black and white modern template
    View Customer Template
    Customer Template
  12. Presentation Deck keynote ppt presentation
    View Presentation Deck
    Presentation Deck
  13. Practi Play App mobile application analytics stem education
    View Practi Play App
    Practi Play App
  14. TNG Models colorful mobile ui design webdesign
    View TNG Models
    TNG Models
  15. Press dashboard colorful data visualization ui analytics
    View Press
  16. WYSIWYG - progressive disclosure wysiwyg simple flat friendly
    View WYSIWYG - progressive disclosure
    WYSIWYG - progressive disclosure
  17. Power Point Presentation data visualization dark flat infographic graph charts analytics investor presentation statistics
    View Power Point Presentation
    Power Point Presentation
  18. Infographic information design infographic graphic visual design flat simple
    View Infographic
  19. Modularized Social Interface 3d perspective ui components social dnn
    View Modularized Social Interface
    Modularized Social Interface
  20. Mobile Application UI Design education mobile app ui blue touch
    View Mobile Application UI Design
    Mobile Application UI Design
  21. Utility Billing Web Application web ui user interface user experience teal blue flat
    View Utility Billing Web Application
    Utility Billing Web Application
  22. Dashboard Design dashboard analytics admin ui design charts tables grids market filters notifications
    View Dashboard Design
    Dashboard Design
  23. Dark Dashboard 2 analytics charts infographic dashboard ui admin
    View Dark Dashboard 2
    Dark Dashboard 2
  24. Dark Dashboard analytics charts infographic dashboard ui admin
    View Dark Dashboard
    Dark Dashboard
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