Olivier Desmoulin (we) app - Meet My Food Game by Olivier Desmoulin

(we) is a mobile app designed to help people develop meaningful interactions with those who matter to them, grow, learn new things or develop new habits.

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Panda Stronaut Big

November 20, 2018

Research for an illustration for one of the screens of the onboarding of the (we) app (http://wearewe.com) I am hesitating between a red orange background and a purple blue one. Cf check attachment for high resolution screens in 2 color...

We onboarding

We Onboarding

October 22, 2018

Hi guys, here is the on boarding flow for the (we) app. The Panda camp fire illustration was made by the talented @Anne Thai (we) helps you grow closer and more connected to the most important people in your life. It guides you through ...

Avocado team

2 Dribbble Invites

October 10, 2018

Hi dribbblers, here is a small animation I made for a game inside our new app (we) (http://wearewe.com). I will post more stuff about it soon... Good news is also that I have 2 dribbble invites. So if you want to get drafted, send me yo...