Search and filter in the audience

Search & Filter users in a live room on Rize

March 19, 2018

After a few weeks of beta test with the Rize app, broadcasters asked us to design an easy way to search and find some specific users in a large audience. This concept offers a quick way to filter users in the audience. When filtering, t...

Privacy module

Privacy settings manager on Rize

January 08, 2018

While in a live room in Rize, users need to be able to easily manage their privacy settings, to define who can see them, invite them on the public live stage or in private groups. This is one of the ideas we explored. BTW, if you are ...


Video Focus Card on Rize

December 26, 2017

On the Rize app, every user can send gifts to each other. Here is the UX we crafted to enable everyone in a live room to put the focus on other users and send them gifts. Don't forget to check the attachment to see high resolution designs.

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Dribbble homeux2

Rize App Home screen

December 18, 2017

Hi everyone, we are glad to share a preview of the new live streaming app we are working on at YouNow/PROPS (release to the public schedule for early 2018) In this app, users will be able to join live rooms and video chat with other ...