1. Gaming competition website button ui buttons cards boxes steps form partners sponsors slider website leagueoflegends league gaming website gaming
    View Gaming competition website
    Gaming competition website
  2. Applying for Mortgage ui buttons back cards boxes mortgage cta checkbox mobile ui mobile app applying done info edit info progress info mobile
    View Applying for Mortgage
    Applying for Mortgage
  3. eWallet app ewallet ui design illustration blue transactions scan balance credit card crypto tabbar cards mobile
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    eWallet app
  4. Badrashin urban simple scroll design transition slides one screen guide language social share menu cta trees visit tourism travel tourist
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  5. Tracktain - Top movies & Profile profiles wantedlist wanted watchlist profile design profile page boxes series mobile search back modal button taps movie app movie track profile
    View Tracktain - Top movies & Profile
    Tracktain - Top movies & Profile
  6. Gender & Level female male arrow blue cta complex registration mobile bullets next button back selector chooser
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    Gender & Level
  7. Explore - Landing page bullets read more video trailer cta menu search webdesign website landing page design landscape fold area web landing
    View Explore - Landing page
    Explore - Landing page
  8. Fashiony - Choosers and selectors steps back mobile boxes cards buttons ecommerce tags tabs selector cta add chooser
    View Fashiony - Choosers and selectors
    Fashiony - Choosers and selectors
  9. Fashiony - Filters filter filter forge search price tags ecommerce app ecommerce add to cart selected selector chooser cta categories back buttons cards boxes mobile filtering filters
    View Fashiony - Filters
    Fashiony - Filters
  10. Fashiony - Profile & Account Settings process product design back height weight loss inputs gender sorting cards birthday cta buttons account invite a friend help track orders tracker settings edit profile
    View Fashiony - Profile & Account Settings
    Fashiony - Profile & Account Settings
  11. AreazLive - Video player views live video live app card box view location close user comments share like love mobile tags button video
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    AreazLive - Video player
  12. AreazLive - Home swipe disabled active views live register login product boxes cards buttons scroll website design website productdesign video live video
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    AreazLive - Home
  13. Fashiony - Search & Item details iphone price search bar product design mobile brief favorite nike fashion search results add to cart selector cta button cta sort cards searching back box search
    View Fashiony - Search & Item details
    Fashiony - Search & Item details
  14. Fashiony - Category mobile ecommerce ui shop my cart cart add to cart add delete boxes cards items filtring sorting sort filters button search shoes
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    Fashiony - Category
  15. Fashiony - Home(Rebound) trend new best seller discover bottom nav bottom bar titles icons design cards categories modal boxes home mobile app mobile uiux ui
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    Fashiony - Home(Rebound)
  16. Fashiony - Home boxes flat home screen ctas bar action bar ecommerce discover new releases best seller modal categories uiux ui app mobile app
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    Fashiony - Home
  17. Fashiony - Log in & Sign up icons boxes input buttons login screen mobile sign up form signup register form register login form login page login
    View Fashiony - Log in & Sign up
    Fashiony - Log in & Sign up
  18. Fashiony buttons fashion app fashion ui uidesign shop ecommerce screen splash walkthrough ux mobile ui mobile
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