1. Calculator #DailyUI004 infographic yellow bubbles circle uidesigns incomes bank shopping grocery green uidesign expenses datavisualization calculator dailyui
    View Calculator #DailyUI004
    Calculator #DailyUI004
  2. Landing page #DailyUI003 colourscheme wave layout italiandesigner woman landing page dailyui goodnews positivity nicefacts goodvibes happy happiness uidesigner uidesign landingpage
    View Landing page #DailyUI003
    Landing page #DailyUI003
  3. Drive Safe #Illustration italiandesigner madeinitaly luggage green blue mumandson woman drive minivan safety car singlemom mothersday illustration illustrator drivesafe
    View Drive Safe #Illustration
    Drive Safe #Illustration
  4. Credit Card Checkout #DailyUI002 training gym ordersummary dailyuichallenge activeware yoga fitness checkout page uidesign creditcard checkout dailyui002
    View Credit Card Checkout #DailyUI002
    Credit Card Checkout #DailyUI002
  5. Sign up / Sign in uiuxdesigner uxuiinspo uxuitrends uxuidesign uidesigner adobexd appdesign pink purple volunteer covid19 italy milano milanohelps uidesign signin signup dailyui
    View Sign up / Sign in
    Sign up / Sign in
  6. Holiday pop-up shop merrychristmas
    View Holiday pop-up shop
    Holiday pop-up shop
  7. New Shoes #2 december dotted
    View New Shoes #2
    New Shoes #2
  8. Thinking dotted
    View Thinking
  9. We <3 Mars universe stars love heart planet red mars
    View We <3 Mars
    We <3 Mars
  10. Christmas training #18 enjoy it suggestion happy holiday advent calendar red christmas 18 december
    View Christmas training #18
    Christmas training #18
  11. First lady swag red gray firstlady mrs
    View First lady swag
    First lady swag
  12. I put a new shoes on sport hands yellow shoes
    View I put a new shoes on
    I put a new shoes on
  13. Blue and orange data histogram radar orange blue infographic visualization data
    View Blue and orange data
    Blue and orange data
  14. Smiling logo relax nice wink ada smile music note face
    View Smiling logo
    Smiling logo
  15. Cuban panzer  strongness power star army tank outline grey team panzer cuban cuba
    View Cuban panzer
    Cuban panzer
  16. I'm a graduate! party drink laurelwreath yellow mscdegree graduation helloworld
    View I'm a graduate!
    I'm a graduate!
  17. Music & Friends music guitar hand play red orange pink sound vibration
    View Music & Friends
    Music & Friends
  18. Working hard education gps computer research graphic presentation agency work
    View Working hard
    Working hard
  19. Cross-media activity it media channel blue outline illustration social video display graphic data visualization
    View Cross-media activity
    Cross-media activity
  20. Medical...again! #2 medical doctor patient red pink blue white dialogue
    View Medical...again! #2
    Medical...again! #2
  21. Chaos on yellow yellow caos mail link research blue work target illustration check document poste cloud
    View Chaos on yellow
    Chaos on yellow
  22. Hunger moment #2 hungry food orange shrimp ravioli pasta illustration flat long shadow italy
    View Hunger moment #2
    Hunger moment #2
  23. Human being story human book study evolution illustration outline skull apple darwin green bookcase
    View Human being story
    Human being story
  24. Hunger moment #1 spaghetti cacio pepe vino wine italy restaurant flat pasta red rosso illustration
    View Hunger moment #1
    Hunger moment #1
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