1. Landing page for #HACKATHONHUB

  2. Coupler Business Web app (beta)

  3. Coupler connect – marketplace of services. IOS app (night mode)

  4. Coupler client IOS app (part II)

  5. Coupler client IOS app

  6. Flights search native app (in progress)

  7. Promo page draft

  8. Cover image for event

  9. UI components v1.0 (Input Fields) free

  10. Responsive web components library (v1.0) free

  11. IP telephony service design components

  12. Mobile wallet (in progress)

  13. Mobile wallet concept

  14. Smart home & utility payments app (draft study)

  15. Desktop header components (in progress)

  16. Concept landing page (in progress)

  17. Design guideline for fintech platform (part 1.1)

  18. NASU member page (online museum)

  19. fintech service home page responsive

  20. Utility bills payment (Case study)

  21. Utility bills online payment (mobile)

  22. Utility bills online payment (made with Figma)

  23. Money transfer card to card flow

  24. Online loans apply flow (mobile)

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