1. Job Board job listing feed activity card dailyui white search sort logo graphic
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    Job Board
  2. Going from Framer to Framer X transition animation blog post blog clean article medium react code framer x framer
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    Going from Framer to Framer X
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    Home + Group Messages
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    Edit Profile
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    Condensed Header
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    Component Cards
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    New post
  8. Resizable · Framer X browser sticky parallax feed mobile design illustration article responsive web cards card framer x framer
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    Resizable · Framer X
  9. Book Purchase ui ux card clean book purchase ecommerce dailyui testimonials reviews
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    Book Purchase
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  12. Design System cta object table list dropdown button card ui system design
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    Design System
  13. Create new patient + print create new radio cards card upload select pricing modal header user
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    Create new patient + print
  14. Export single-select table export radio list options settings card modal white blue
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  15. Resize Icons grid system design system mobile desktop scale button grid layout icons icon resize
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    Resize Icons
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    Preview + Join group
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    Design System
  20. Isometric Job Board white mockup feed card shadow cards ui board job isometric
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    Isometric Job Board
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  22. Book Activity Feed book activity feed social media cards clean dailyui ui white post
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    Book Activity Feed
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    Financial Dashboard
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