1. LinkedIn Redesign - light mode website design web design webdesign interaction linkedin redesign typography design ux interface web ui
    LinkedIn Redesign - light mode
  2. LinkedIn redesign - dark mode interaction web interface website design web design redesigned redesign concept typography dailyui flat ui linkedin interface uxui ux redesign
    LinkedIn redesign - dark mode
  3. Trip recommendation screen flat illustration interface ux design uiux user interface route planes flight booking app flight app travel app mobile app plane flight travel gold ui ux recommendation trip
    Trip recommendation screen
  4. Hecatee – UX and UI for App created for travelers illustration flat flight app trip dark gold mobile app experience mobile app design ui uiux ux prototyping prototype flight plane jetlag travel mobile app ux design interface
    Hecatee – UX and UI for App created for travelers
  5. Landing page design with illustration dog cat blue family illustrator typography web flat ui vector ux dailyui illustr8ed illustration pet care pet adoption pet landing page concept landing design landing page
    Landing page design with illustration
  6. Daily UI #100 - DailyUI Landing Page challenge web design showcase technologies typography icons ux daily ui web ui flat landing screen landing design service landing page blue daily ui 100 daily-ui dailui
    Daily UI #100 - DailyUI Landing Page
  7. Daily UI #099 - Categories table lighting wardrobe bed clean elegant woman pink bedroom furniture mobile design mobile app app concept app designer app design e-commerce shop e-commerce app daily ui 099 daily ui daily-ui
    Daily UI #099 - Categories
  8. Daily UI #098 - Advertisement design ux pink interface ui flat food website food app ui drink cocktail cocktail bar smoothie banner ad banner advertise ad advertisement daily ui 098 daily ui daily-ui
    Daily UI #098 - Advertisement
  9. Daily UI #097 - Givaway ux interface web ui flat animation 2d free get money green purple sell store e-commerce card giveaway user interface daily ui daily daily 100 challenge
    Daily UI #097 - Givaway
  10. Daily UI #096 - Currently In-Stock ui flat price add to basket basket shopping app shopping pen product card e-commerce website store sell card product card e-commerce in stock stock current dailyui daily-ui
    Daily UI #096 - Currently In-Stock
  11. Daily UI #095 Product tour card keds miley cyrus shoes store design ux dailyui daily ui flat simple mobile app design mobile app mobile ui e-commerce product product card converse daily-ui ui
    Daily UI #095 Product tour
  12. Daily UI #094 News list articles blog items cards typography ux interface flat ui art web interface web news app minimal dark news design news feed news dailyui daily-ui
    Daily UI #094 News
  13. Daily UI #093 - Splash screen pin pins images ideas red concept pinterest redesign mobileappdesign mobile animation interface mobilesplash mobileapp splashscreen splash pinterest daily-ui dailyui
    Daily UI #093 - Splash screen
  14. Daily UI #092 FAQ pixel pixelart design ux web ui help help center info card info flat qa quest answers answer question interface daily-ui daily ui faq
    Daily UI #092 FAQ
  15. Daily UI #091 - Curated for you blogging blog posts social media typography daily ui flat interface web ux ui cards like social blog articles article curate curated for you daily-ui dailyui
    Daily UI #091 - Curated for you
  16. La la vector illustrator art illustrator graphic design graphic illustration real estate loan mortgage
    La la vector
  17. Daily UI #090 - Create new design ux daily ui application ui blog app text glamour pink female woman girlish mobile app design mobile app article diary blog new post create new ui dailyui
    Daily UI #090 - Create new
  18. Daily UI #089 - Terms of Service ui web documentary document pdf window flat modern green futura typography text form use license terms of use terms terms of service dailyui daily ui
    Daily UI #089 - Terms of Service
  19. Daily UI #088 - Avatar red logotype daily-ui illustrator icons interface ui web flat avatar icons icon avatars fun cat ninja japan illustration avatar daily ui dailyui
    Daily UI #088 - Avatar
  20. Daily UI #087 - Tooltip element ui menu file search e-commerce add to cart heart favorites web site web pixel pixel art icon icons toolbar tooltips tooltip daily ui dailyui
    Daily UI #087 - Tooltip
  21. Daily UI #086 Progress bar daily-ui illustration web ux interface design form registration form register form step blue outline flat icons interface bar registration progress bar ui dailyui daily ui
    Daily UI #086 Progress bar
  22. Daily Ui #085 Pagination daily-ui ux interface web ui flat newspaper text blog article selected page selected red dark numbers paginator pages pagination dailyui daily ui
    Daily Ui #085 Pagination
  23. Daily UI #084 - badge interface web ui illustration flat achievement prize win buddy people conversation social friendship friend badgedesign badge logo badge design badge dailyui daily ui
    Daily UI #084 - badge
  24. Daily Ui #083 Button illustration flat ui drawing animation red blue red red button outline fun icon design icon devil button states button animation button design button dailyui 083 daily-ui dailyui
    Daily Ui #083 Button
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