1. MasterClass
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  2. Parents in SF! illustrations
    View Parents in SF!
    Parents in SF!
  3. Genie Build loader lottie mobile ubereats
    View Genie Build
    Genie Build
  4. Astro plexus
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  5. Gif 404 Dribbble
    View Gif 404 Dribbble
    Gif 404 Dribbble
  6. Loop for Ubereats homepage loop
    View Loop for Ubereats homepage
    Loop for Ubereats homepage
  7. Nooooodles flat look
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  8. Tashi flat look
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  9. Pizzaco flat look
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  10. Sphere Swarm swarm
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    Sphere Swarm
  11. More green dotes
    View More green dotes
    More green dotes
  12. Card flip mobile ui
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    Card flip
  13. Follow the green dote... deloitte green dote path
    View Follow the green dote...
    Follow the green dote...
  14. UI behavior #2 mobile ui
    View UI behavior #2
    UI behavior #2
  15. behavior #1 mobile ui
    View behavior #1
    behavior #1
  16. Weaving pattern transition
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  17. Dirt bike dribbble shot
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    Dirt bike
  18. Xamarin icons cloud computing dotes icons
    View Xamarin icons
    Xamarin icons
  19. SalesForce composite time lapse
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    SalesForce composite
  20. SVB #2 mobile svb ui
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    SVB #2
  21. SVB #1 mobile sob ui
    View SVB #1
    SVB #1
  22. Deli Dribbble dribble
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    Deli Dribbble
  23. Why I Fight tracing type
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    Why I Fight
  24. #3 cinema 4d grid
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