1. Way of Wisdom energy logo monogram philosophy spirutality theology wave wisdom
    View Way of Wisdom
    Way of Wisdom
  2. Mr. Beak beak bird graphic design lettering logo packagin seed wild
    View Mr. Beak
    Mr. Beak
  3. Hidden Letters logo logo design print shirt typography
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    Hidden Letters
  4. Antology book design calligraphy calligraphy cover cover design graphic design print typography
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  5. Literary Night 21 branding czech czech center sofia literary literature night poster studio frank
    View Literary Night 21
    Literary Night 21
  6. Skyworks branding electronics logo sine sound sound wave
    View Skyworks
  7. Life Danube Free Sky bird danube icon logo wave
    View Life Danube Free Sky
    Life Danube Free Sky
  8. Glenfiddic Glagolitic box brush calligraphy design glagolitic glenfiddich lettering packaging single malt whisky
    View Glenfiddic Glagolitic box
    Glenfiddic Glagolitic box
  9. Anton Chekhov anton book cover calligraphy chekhov correspondence handwriting signature
    View Anton Chekhov
    Anton Chekhov
  10. Todor Rusev / Wines
    View Todor Rusev / Wines
    Todor Rusev / Wines
  11. Fine Acts Sprints activism acts calligraphy fine handwriting human lettering poster rights toolkit womans
    View Fine Acts Sprints
    Fine Acts Sprints
  12. Florina florina fruit juice logotype packagin
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  13. Old / New circle hourglass loop old old and new restaraunt restaurant design time
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    Old / New
  14. BSEC Notepad design notepad stationery
    View BSEC Notepad
    BSEC Notepad
  15. golden watch book cover book gold fish rolex
    View golden watch
    golden watch
  16. BSEC black bulgaria chairmanship competition cooperation economic economical logo knot marine organization sea unity
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  17. MODIS Headquarters adecco environmental graphics hp modis signage sofia wayfinding
    View MODIS Headquarters
    MODIS Headquarters
  18. Book Fair book fair poster sofia typography
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    Book Fair
  19. dir.bg / details design details print
    View dir.bg / details
    dir.bg / details
  20. dir.bg 20 booklet design dir editorial infographics print
    View dir.bg
  21. Ingmar Bergman 4:3 bergman book cover design greyscale grid hardcover ingmar ratio
    View Ingmar Bergman
    Ingmar Bergman
  22. 3&2 art beer craft flow op psyche psychedelic symbol three two
    View 3&2
  23. Perspektiva bulgaria calligraphy design group lettering perspektiva sofia team
    View Perspektiva
  24. Enea Elettra lettering sketch tattoo
    View Enea Elettra
    Enea Elettra
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