1. Character design — Bon Voyage! video game tourist colorful design plastic fun 3d character travel
    Character design — Bon Voyage!
  2. Suitcase – Bon voyage! video game art video game holiday travel suitcase blue plastic 3d fun game art concept
    Suitcase – Bon voyage!
  3. Le Monde – Dark mode homepage white black ui ux newspaper reading transition mode day website night dark
    Le Monde – Dark mode
  4. Retrograph – Mobile color block fluid mobile app design experience exhibition article ux blue ui mobile
    Retrograph – Mobile
  5. Retrograph – Website ux loop color block ui motion exhibition time timeline transition fluid blue website experience webgl
    Retrograph – Website
  6. Retrograph – Website organic fluid logo typohraphy exhibition blue branding identity webdesign ui
    Retrograph – Website
  7. Share a vegetarian meal clean minimal grain veggie vegetarian vegetable vegetal pink design vector illustration
    Share a vegetarian meal
  8. We vote through our consumption bio ecology casserole pink textured grainy plant green illustration vote
    We vote through our consumption
  9. Overconsumption vector shop shopping basket buy illustration ecology overconsumption
  10. Motion landing Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦 website landing punch animation motion ui ux punching fruit transition interaction purple
    Motion landing Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
  11. Motion App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦 purple color interaction transition ux ui app motion animation punch dashboard data
    Motion App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
  12. App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦 datavizualisation data application dashboard purple punch vegan interface ux ui app
    App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
  13. Punchy - The veggie punching-ball 🍗 ⮕🥦 purple meat fruit food graphic landing website interaction ui identity vegan
    Punchy - The veggie punching-ball 🍗 ⮕🥦
  14. Vegan transformation 🍗 ⮕🥦 color food render style purple icon gradient 3d smoke motion emoji hamburger
    Vegan transformation 🍗 ⮕🥦
  15. Intro screen interface ios snow graphic dailyui blue app ui mountains mountain iphone
    Intro screen
  16. weather Icons gradient loop vector sun iconography digital blue animated ui icon snow weather
    weather Icons
  17. Nausea Logo - VR project animated motion logotype bodoni white black logo serif ui ux vr
    Nausea Logo - VR project
  18. Nausea website - VR project web website materialization appearance motion webgl white black serif ui ux vr
    Nausea website - VR project
  19. Disguise 🎭 - test iPad Pro art draw drawing disguise impostor colors flashy flat face illustration mask procreate
    Disguise 🎭 - test iPad Pro
  20. Similar or copycat ? wip people profile yellow art drawing illustration vegetable plant girl twins copycat
    Similar or copycat ?
  21. Hammock - iPad Pro drawing dynamic pink blue gradient colors vibrant vacation flat drawing illustration chill holidays
    Hammock - iPad Pro drawing
  22. Can't resist 👀🤳 gif blue night bed character illustration phone light shadow loop vector
    Can't resist 👀🤳
  23. Can't resist 👀🤳 vector loop shadow light phone illustration character bed night blue gif
    Can't resist 👀🤳
  24. Mountains day view day night gradient grain campsite snow illustration arctic mountain
    Mountains day view
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