1. Crumbskees - Phone neon bright funny colorful pop 90s funky crazy design experience motion vector ui game interactive interaction fun phone interface
    View Crumbskees - Phone
    Crumbskees - Phone
  2. Crumbskees – Website vector illustration product design interface web ui webdesign web uxui interactive colorful mobile crazy psychedelic loop design fun website motion game ui
    View Crumbskees – Website
    Crumbskees – Website
  3. Crumbskees - Gameplay set cartoon pop fun design illustration vector icon typography branding game design game poster icons
    View Crumbskees - Gameplay
    Crumbskees - Gameplay
  4. Scam Spotter — Website information line draw ux illustration playful game google spotter scam page landing design uidesign uiux ui productdesign product website web
    View Scam Spotter — Website
    Scam Spotter — Website
  5. Snowbox - mobile mountain christmas design experience customizable mobile ui fun joyful website web interface webgl game phone interactive interaction ux uiux ui mobile
    View Snowbox - mobile
    Snowbox - mobile
  6. Caffeinated Capital Loop 2 gif animated vector elegant plastic bag plastic sticker icon logo loop animation motion web branding blackandwhite white black kinetic minimalist
    View Caffeinated Capital Loop 2
    Caffeinated Capital Loop 2
  7. Jigsaw Sans — Trailer type kinetictype kinetic animation design branding typography white black vector motion
    View Jigsaw Sans — Trailer
    Jigsaw Sans — Trailer
  8. pride kinetic rise heartbeat rainbow minimalist typogaphy type pride month pride 2020 pridemonth pride vector animation loop motion
    View pride
  9. Animated type - Caffeinated Capital identity minimalist minimal speed kinetic typography branding loop gif animated motion typogaphy type white black plastic plastic bag kinetictypography kinetic
    View Animated type - Caffeinated Capital
    Animated type - Caffeinated Capital
  10. Readable Jigsaw typogaphy kinetictype kinetic branding fun motion cover google minimalist animation typeface type poster loop jigsaw
    View Readable Jigsaw
    Readable Jigsaw
  11. Suitcase – Bon voyage! video game art video game holiday travel suitcase blue plastic 3d fun game art concept
    View Suitcase – Bon voyage!
    Suitcase – Bon voyage!
  12. Character design — Bon Voyage! video game tourist colorful design plastic fun 3d character travel
    View Character design — Bon Voyage!
    Character design — Bon Voyage!
  13. Le Monde - Article button favorite share newspaper news scrolling scroll navbar interaction interactive navigation mobile article interface design ux ui
    View Le Monde - Article
    Le Monde - Article
  14. Le Monde – Dark mode homepage white black ui ux newspaper reading transition mode day website night dark
    View Le Monde – Dark mode
    Le Monde – Dark mode
  15. Retrograph – Mobile color block fluid mobile app design experience exhibition article ux blue ui mobile
    View Retrograph – Mobile
    Retrograph – Mobile
  16. Retrograph – Website ux loop color block ui motion exhibition time timeline transition fluid blue website experience webgl
    View Retrograph – Website
    Retrograph – Website
  17. Retrograph – Website organic fluid logo typohraphy exhibition blue branding identity webdesign ui
    View Retrograph – Website
    Retrograph – Website
  18. Share a vegetarian meal clean minimal grain veggie vegetarian vegetable vegetal pink design vector illustration
    View Share a vegetarian meal
    Share a vegetarian meal
  19. We vote through our consumption bio ecology casserole pink textured grainy plant green illustration vote
    View We vote through our consumption
    We vote through our consumption
  20. Overconsumption vector shop shopping basket buy illustration ecology overconsumption
    View Overconsumption
  21. Motion landing Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦 website landing punch animation motion ui ux punching fruit transition interaction purple
    View Motion landing Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
    Motion landing Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
  22. Motion App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦 purple color interaction transition ux ui app motion animation punch dashboard data
    View Motion App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
    Motion App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
  23. App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦 datavizualisation data application dashboard purple punch vegan interface ux ui app
    View App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
    App Punchy 🤜🍗->🥦
  24. Punchy - The veggie punching-ball 🍗 ⮕🥦 purple meat fruit food graphic landing website interaction ui identity vegan
    View Punchy - The veggie punching-ball 🍗 ⮕🥦
    Punchy - The veggie punching-ball 🍗 ⮕🥦
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