1. Fintory Design System fintory system react grid graphic button buttons form font component library clean product app ux ui design system
    View Fintory Design System
    Fintory Design System
  2. πŸ‘₯ Employee Platform Software big sur employee platform people human resources data user profile dashboard sidebar grid navigation edit ui ux communication search culture company enterprise typography clean
    View πŸ‘₯ Employee Platform Software
    πŸ‘₯ Employee Platform Software
  3. πŸ‘“ Watchlist - Stocklabs blockchain crypto ux ui interactive stock trading finance balance trading stocks finance desktop design dark color clean page ui chat application app symbols add upload watchlist
    View πŸ‘“ Watchlist - Stocklabs
    πŸ‘“ Watchlist - Stocklabs
  4. πŸ”‘ Sign In / Register app user experience user interface ux onboarding minimal login data forgot password key ios mobile dashboard password phone email username register log in sign in
    View πŸ”‘ Sign In / Register
    πŸ”‘ Sign In / Register
  5. 🏴 Icon Set ui shadow desktop mobile logo minimal 3d illustration icon fintory design clean button home branding black white rounded icons dark black app
    View 🏴 Icon Set
    🏴 Icon Set
  6. 🎚 Slide-over - Edit Watchlist symbols stocklabs interactive watchlist finance desktop dark ui clean application app stock save changes add search list data ui user experience ux sliderover
    View 🎚 Slide-over - Edit Watchlist
    🎚 Slide-over - Edit Watchlist
  7. POS System - Online Shop app design customer quantity receipt ipad tablet pos system pos point of sale payment product clean details ui ux design sales concept checkout app
    View POS System - Online Shop
    POS System - Online Shop
  8. πŸ’Ž Dashboard Modals - Stocklabs select clear input dropdown flat modern ux web user interface user experience minimal interface dark ui design clean brand web app popup modal module
    View πŸ’Ž Dashboard Modals - Stocklabs
    πŸ’Ž Dashboard Modals - Stocklabs
  9. πŸ› eCommerce App trends 2020 interface dashboard clean task cart shopping inspiration design ux app ui cards color buy online shop shop mobile application app ecommerce
    View πŸ› eCommerce App
    πŸ› eCommerce App
  10. The all new Fintory.com simple abstract website animation design agency launch micro interaction mp4 flat responsive desktop design user interface clean ux ui finance website animation landing page fintory
    View The all new Fintory.com
    The all new Fintory.com
  11. 🏠 Home - Fieldly ux design user interface flat minimal ux ui tab bar rent real estate property management manage apartments ios house fintory finance dashboard color clean page ui card ui buying booking app icon profile app animation
    View 🏠 Home - Fieldly
    🏠 Home - Fieldly
  12. πŸ’¬ Mini Profile - Stocklabs Collaboration hover website navigation logo plus add dark user interface flat minimal message web desktop minimal design user interface dashboard app ux ui user profile user profile hover profile mini profile
    View πŸ’¬ Mini Profile - Stocklabs Collaboration
    πŸ’¬ Mini Profile - Stocklabs Collaboration
  13. Sidebar Navigation fintory dailyui dashboard navigation design button logo side menu website navigation plus add user interface collapsable navigation clean user interface flat minimal sidebar sidebar menu navigation color clean page ui app icon profile animation
    View Sidebar Navigation
    Sidebar Navigation
  14. Stocklabs Login πŸ”‘ overlay popup ux ui stocks stocklabs interaction animation mp4 interactive input login dashboard finance desktop app design dark color clean page ui application app
    View Stocklabs Login πŸ”‘
    Stocklabs Login πŸ”‘
  15. Introducing Stocklabs Collaboration πŸ’¬ stocks inbox contact new color clean page ui clean ux ui files design dark app interactive finance stocklabs desktop app application desktop chat app message group messages chat
    View Introducing Stocklabs Collaboration πŸ’¬
    Introducing Stocklabs Collaboration πŸ’¬
  16. Finance Mobile Application Interaction transaction details manage account balance transaction motion graph illustration mobile minimal button finance user interface clean app ux ui mp4 animation interaction
    View Finance Mobile Application Interaction
    Finance Mobile Application Interaction
  17. Sidebar Navigation icons ui ux user experience interface fintory dashboard icon illustration typography responsive web design product desktop app menu navigation sidebar
    View Sidebar Navigation
    Sidebar Navigation
  18. Quick Search field interactive input hint user experience ux ui design auto complete search engine quick find mp4 fintech animation navigation search bar search result quick access quick search search
    View Quick Search
    Quick Search
  19. ⚫️ Icon Set fintory branding logo shadow black dark black white illustration icon mobile minimal button design user interface clean app ux ui
    View ⚫️ Icon Set
    ⚫️ Icon Set
  20. 🏠 Fieldly Landing Page V2 - Property Management fintory fieldly branding real estate desktop e commerce header hero website web clean landing page webste color landing page online shopping product property management clean page ui dashboard
    View 🏠 Fieldly Landing Page V2 - Property Management
    🏠 Fieldly Landing Page V2 - Property Management
  21. πŸ”‘ Log in Exploration property management sign up page clean minimal user onboarding key pagination ux ui desktop web app login data forgot password register sign up sign in log in login
    View πŸ”‘ Log in Exploration
    πŸ”‘ Log in Exploration
  22. Social Profiles Exploration profile social profiles app mobile dashboard ui ux clean user experience user interface message answers design quesk questions follow genius professional expert pin message
    View Social Profiles Exploration
    Social Profiles Exploration
  23. 🎫 Event Cards - Web App fintory interaction meeting concert desktop web app web ux user interface identity interface class color ui cards event calendar app
    View 🎫 Event Cards - Web App
    🎫 Event Cards - Web App
  24. πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Explore fintory user user interface minimal ios blue figma clean color social icons ui ux mobile application app questions follow topics search
    View πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Explore
    πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Explore
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