DailyUI #015 On/Off Switch

September 29, 2016

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to flip a switch and have a hero be there?

DailyUI #014 Countdown Timer

September 26, 2016

DailyUI #013 Direct Messaging

September 20, 2016

Daily UI Challenge 013/100 Direct Messaging

DailyUI #012 E-Commerce Shop

September 20, 2016

Daily UI Challenge 012/100 E-Commerce Shop

DailyUI #011 Flash Message

September 12, 2016

DailyUI 011/100

DailyUI #010 Social Share

September 12, 2016

010/100 I didn't have time to animate this last week.

DailyUI 009 Music Player

September 10, 2016

DailyUI 009/100 I spent a lot longer trying to come up with something unique for this music player. The controls are such an important part of the app I wanted to have a unique and intuitive feature to control the volume and scrubbing. ...

DailyUI #008 404 Page

September 08, 2016

DailyUI 008/100. This was just a really fun idea I had and wanted to play around with.

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