1. Yooper Day Illustration badge illustration logo michigan patch tree typography wings
    View Yooper Day Illustration
    Yooper Day Illustration
  2. Vintage_Wildcat athletic badge lettering michigan script university vintage wildcat
    View Vintage_Wildcat
  3. Huisman Woodcraft kit brand branding h identity lettering logo mark monogram patch script wood woodcraft
    View Huisman Woodcraft kit
    Huisman Woodcraft kit
  4. Best Buds badge brand cannabis illustration michigan patch the fire station
    View Best Buds
    Best Buds
  5. JB Monogram logo-mark brand identity illustration lettering logo logo mark monogram
    View JB Monogram logo-mark
    JB Monogram logo-mark
  6. Flanny's bar brand concept irish logo mark word mark
    View Flanny's
  7. 906 Day 2018 906 badge concept illustration line mark michigan patch typogaphy u.p.
    View 906 Day 2018
    906 Day 2018
  8. Bottle Shop Illustration Concept beer bottle brand branding building illustration michigan series shop vector
    View Bottle Shop Illustration Concept
    Bottle Shop Illustration Concept
  9. Draplin Illustration series adobe adobe max collaboration csa design draplin french paper co illustration paper portrait thick lines
    View Draplin Illustration series
    Draplin Illustration series
  10. Flanigans Variation badge concept flanigans green irish logo pub
    View Flanigans Variation
    Flanigans Variation
  11. GLSGC_2 badge brand gold great lakes guiding illustration logo mark nautical
    View GLSGC_2
  12. Walnut Consulting brand icon illustration logo mark monogram walnut wc
    View Walnut Consulting
    Walnut Consulting
  13. Beetle (WIP) asset beetle bug car flat illustration line volkswagen vw
    View Beetle (WIP)
    Beetle (WIP)
  14. Draplin tonight aaron draplin ddc draplin illustration line offset sticker vector
    View Draplin tonight
    Draplin tonight
  15. Artisan Craft | Comps badge brand branding building craft illustration logo vector woodwork
    View Artisan Craft | Comps
    Artisan Craft | Comps
  16. Explore the U.P. badge brand explore icon logo michigan patch pine social sticker thick lines waves
    View Explore the U.P.
    Explore the U.P.
  17. Desmond Jones badge band icon illustration logo mark michigan music patch squid
    View Desmond Jones
    Desmond Jones
  18. Brookie Full Color brand branding brook trout fish illustration linework logo mark trout
    View Brookie Full Color
    Brookie Full Color
  19. Pro's Pack Concepts brand icon lockup logo mark monogram p pack
    View Pro's Pack Concepts
    Pro's Pack Concepts
  20. Sugar High Collective_01 baked brand edible illustration marijuana michigan pot store vector
    View Sugar High Collective_01
    Sugar High Collective_01
  21. Homecoming Week badge brand homecoming illustration patch pennant university vintage
    View Homecoming Week
    Homecoming Week
  22. Badge | Stickers badge brand logo mark monogram sticker
    View Badge | Stickers
    Badge | Stickers
  23. Trout Opener | Spey Flies flies fly fishing hook illustration spey trout
    View Trout Opener | Spey Flies
    Trout Opener | Spey Flies
  24. Brotherhood Charters_Concepting brand coho concept illustration lines logo salmon wisconsin
    View Brotherhood Charters_Concepting
    Brotherhood Charters_Concepting
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