Snowboard Game UI Shop

September 25, 2017

Shop screen for Snowboard game that I'm working on. From this screen user can buy snowbombs, Rakia potion, stamina, tokens... Check out attachment for closer look on details. This is part of Snowboard game that I'm working on. Check ou...

Game UI on iPhone X

September 24, 2017

Adapting my game for iPhone X. On the screen you can see 3 different states while the user is buying the items in tab ''consumables'' and on other tab which is one click away user can buy ''currency''. 3 States: - Neutral - Activated -...

Nenad ivanovic game ui ux design interaction

Animated Buttons in Snowboard Game UI

July 15, 2017

Animated interactive buttons for Snowboard game that I'm working on. Check out attachments for video animation and details on buttons screenshots.

Nenad ivanovic ui ux game motion wireframe design

Snowboard Game UI - Motion Wireframe

July 01, 2017

High Fidelity motion wireframe for game user experience. It was important to feel which UI elements will be animated and how so I can know which details to design in what way. In attachment you can find files so you can digg into details...


Snowboard Loading for Game UI

June 09, 2017

Working on a snowboard game UI and UX. This is just a simple loading animation. Follow for more shots of this project here.

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