1. Real State Web 🏠 uiux light components dashboard profile rental renting hotel graphs map charts webdesign minimal clean uxui ux website design real state
    View Real State Web 🏠
    Real State Web 🏠
  2. Weight loss app 🔥 ux ui clean product analytics exercise fitness sport weight profile graph chart minimal gym weightloss workout home workout running weight loss
    View Weight loss app 🔥
    Weight loss app 🔥
  3. Playo🎵 Web Music player desktop dark theme minimal song artist dark website web design web music app spotify ux ui clean music music player app web music dark web dark ui music player apple music
    View Playo🎵 Web Music player
    Playo🎵 Web Music player
  4. Playo Interaction 🎵 interactions interaction design interactive design mobile app principle clean smooth minimal spotify itunes music ux ui animation player prototyping prototype protopie interaction
    View Playo Interaction 🎵
    Playo Interaction 🎵
  5. Playo🎵 Music player app itunes apple music dark app dark ui dark playlist artist song minimal clean ux ui equalizer spotify player ui player music player music app music
    View Playo🎵 Music player app
    Playo🎵 Music player app
  6. Shopping app 🛒 shopping shopify shop shopping app shopping cart delivery payment checkout page add to cart ordering ecommerce design ecommerce app ecommerce app design ui ux product
    View Shopping app 🛒
    Shopping app 🛒
  7. Lingo 📚 Language learning app doulingo flexi language study conversation chat app french learning english minimalism clean ui test courses course voice assistant voice chat learning app learning education language app language learning
    View Lingo 📚 Language learning app
    Lingo 📚 Language learning app
  8. Pet it 🐱 Online pet store clean pets clinic puppy dogs cats pet app pet shop pet store pet adopt pet adoption animals concept minimal ux ui pet pet care petshop
    View Pet it 🐱 Online pet store
    Pet it 🐱 Online pet store
  9. Piggy 🐷 Money saver app money saver money saving money management money app ui ux concept banking finance pink 3d pig splash screen money piggy ui app piggy bank mobile design finance app minimalist minimalism
    View Piggy 🐷 Money saver app
    Piggy 🐷 Money saver app
  10. Real State Component 🏠 Dark version app ui dark dark app renting graph dark location chart search dark dark map minimal dark dark mode uiux ui real state components real state website components component real state profiles
    View Real State Component 🏠 Dark version
    Real State Component 🏠 Dark version
  11. Real State Component 🏠 profiles app ui design app ui renting hotel graphs location chart search map minimal light uiux ux ui real state components real state website components component real state
    View Real State Component 🏠
    Real State Component 🏠
  12. Health tracker 💊 concept minimal tracker ui measure checklist tracker activity tracker sleep tracker activity heartbeat medical care health app healthcare pill reminder medicine medical ux ui health tracker
    View Health tracker 💊
    Health tracker 💊
  13. Online shoes store zapato web shop webdesign ui design uiux ui concept ui website ui online website ecommerce app ecommerce minimal fashion app sneaker shoes app shoes online shoes store online shop
    View Online shoes store
    Online shoes store
  14. Online Course app ux ui concept online study school elearning dark ui uiux mobile ui design mobile ui online learning learning app education course app online course course
    View Online Course app
    Online Course app
  15. Delivery app vector online delivery concept art minimal postman post mobile ux design app design map ui uiux ui uidesign delivery app concept delivery
    View Delivery app
    Delivery app
  16. Senta App task managment exam to do app study task dayli task task study ui studying study schedule stats education konkoor senta iranian
    View Senta App
    Senta App
  17. Instagram Ui/Ux iranian daretodesign instagram ui design ui design instagram ux casestudy instagram redesign instagram ui
    View Instagram Ui/Ux
    Instagram Ui/Ux
  18. Rentify app iran renting ui app design ui uidesigns ui shot uiux ui design persian ui ui concept concept rental app renting app
    View Rentify app
    Rentify app
  19. Maxim -online taxi app adobexd prototype uiuxdesign uiux travel ui taxi ui taxi app snapp uber taxi driver taxi maxim persian ui ui persian iranian iran
    View Maxim -online taxi app
    Maxim -online taxi app
  20. Twitter UI Redesign dark twitter dark ui uiuxdesign uplabs ui design challenge twitter challenge uidesign app ui ux app ui social ui twitter ui twitter ui iranian iranian iran
    View Twitter UI Redesign
    Twitter UI Redesign
  21. Asan Pardakht UI financial ui paying ui paying app gateway ui app financial app uiux ui ux persian ui design logo persian iranian iran
    View Asan Pardakht UI
    Asan Pardakht UI
  22. Sport news Website landingpage soccer sport website
    View Sport news Website
    Sport news Website
  23. Mani Clothes UI adobe xd interface uiux persian ui shop online ui design shop ui shopping app clothes app ux ui persian iranian iran
    View Mani Clothes UI
    Mani Clothes UI
  24. Matin Vahedi | Fashion Designer tie logo modern logo mode logo fashion designer logo fashion logo mva mv mv monogram mv logo farsi logo design persian logo logo persian iranian iran
    View Matin Vahedi | Fashion Designer
    Matin Vahedi | Fashion Designer
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