Hire by Google

September 06, 2017

Google hired me to create some custom t-shirt lettering of Now Hiring for their employees to wear at on site popups for the company's new recruiting product Hire. Bunch of used and unused concepts attached.

Don't Forget to Call Your Mom

September 06, 2017

Facebook asked me to create a hand-lettered cartouche design for a poster of a quote from one of its VPs, Regina Dugan. Full shot and rough sketch attached.

The CurveCast from Handling the Curve

May 26, 2017

One of my longest-running goals since the day I first started Handling the Curve as a Medium publication (over two years ago) was to eventually launch a podcast as well. Last week, The CurveCast finally became a reality! I posted a brie...

Ban Fascists, Not Religions

January 31, 2017

I launched a new shirt this morning on Cotton Bureau. All my proceeds will be going to the ACLU. In just eight hours, we've already racked up $120 for them, and it's up for sale until February 14th at 8PM EST. Get yours here: https://c...

Shots & Shots

June 17, 2016

If you have your calendars marked already for next Thursday night, June 23rd, erase them immediately for something better! I’m partnering with my buddy @Andy Keil at Waldo Photos and Jameson Whiskey, for Shots & Shots, a photo walk/...

Other shirt

The Other Shirt

June 14, 2016

After tomorrow night at 7PM CDT, the presale of “The Other Shirt” will close for good. This will be the last time this design will be available from Cotton Bureau, so don’t miss your chance to own one! I decided to try and recreate this...

Boutique Sketch

May 27, 2016

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Logotype Sketch 2016

May 25, 2016

One of the updated marks I'm working on for Baselime Studios. I created the original logotype that this is a rebound of almost four years ago—not long after I started teaching myself lettering—so I knew I'd be needing a more...competent...