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Atlanta Sketch

Working on a project for a lovely little Georgian town. A town with an airport I've always found to be decidedly less than lovely, but fine town. :) Big ver...

April 14, 2015


First pass at a quick little video title project. Big version attached.

March 18, 2015

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Four Years

Celebrated four years earlier this month since I decided to take the leap and be a designer full time. I literally knew no one in the design industry, nor a...

March 18, 2015

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So it Goes Sketch

Little lettering for an upcoming poster project. Don't get to do many super heavy-colored high-contrast scripts like this, so I figured I'd try to change tha...

March 06, 2015

Ryan Hamrick Vector

Vector version of the previous brush pen sketch. Reorganized my personal site, and wasn't really feeling how my other logo was working with it, so I threw th...

March 02, 2015