Carbon Fingerprint - Concept

December 13, 2018

A version of a POC for Carbon Fingerprint project.

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Transaction Manager - iOS App - vol. 2

October 25, 2017

Some more snapshots ...

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Transaction Manager - iOS App

October 17, 2017

Transaction managing app design sketching.

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Boosted Boards: iOS Redesign

March 02, 2017

Had a sec and put together this redesigned Boostedboards app. I guess it deserves a long-expected facelift.

Photo Shoot - Redesign sneak

December 09, 2015

Find models, makeup artists, photographers locally InVision Prototype -


Fitness tracker app - animated

September 22, 2015

Motion design for Fitness tracking app, Hope you guys like it! Will make more motion design in the future so feel free to follow. Pressing L button is appreciated Other projects Have a nice week! Twitter | Instagram

Fashion App - Style Composer Screen

July 29, 2015

Another shot that reflects side menu for adding new cloth patterns to the model.

Helping Assistance App - Call in Progress

July 28, 2015

Match and connect 2 users based on skills and let them discuss by voice, chat and exchange pictures through the application. Hope to see it live soon. Follow? Cheers!