1. dunes in the desert background desert dunes etching illustration photoshop rejected
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    dunes in the desert
  2. Ladies in Red #02 beach body positivity figure drawing girl holiday illustration inclusive life drawing summer swimming swimsuit vacation women
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    Ladies in Red #02
  3. Ladies in Red #01 beach body positivity figure drawing girl holiday illustration inclusive inclusivity life drawing model summer vacantion
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    Ladies in Red #01
  4. Packing for Holidays 2d asset cartoon concept digital drawing family flights holiday illustration luggage packing relax sketch suitcase sustainable turism turistic vacation weekend
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    Packing for Holidays
  5. Summer days beach blue heat heatwave holiday illustration martinelli out of office procreate refresh relax summer swimsuit time off vacation weekend woman
    View Summer days
    Summer days
  6. Morphing Loops 2d animation animate animation cartoon class duality fairy tale giulia loop martinelli metamorphose morph morphing red riding hood rotation skillshare transformation transition warp wolf
    View Morphing Loops
    Morphing Loops
  7. Groceries beets cookbook fennel food fruit groceries grocery illustrated illustration notepads recipes vegan vegetables vegetarian veggies walnuts yummy
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  8. the neighbor's cat article blog cat editorial illustration lockdown narrative neighbor pandemic procreate relationship short story
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    the neighbor's cat
  9. cherries and stuff cookbook food illustration kitchen pattern recipe texture
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    cherries and stuff
  10. Italian focaccia aperitivo cookbook environment focaccia illustration procreate recipe vegan
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    Italian focaccia
  11. Creative Crave Newsletter calligraphy creative creative crave lettering newsletter procreate
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    Creative Crave Newsletter
  12. Creative Crave creative crave desk illustration newsletter office workplace workspace
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    Creative Crave
  13. berries pattern berries berry illustration pattern repetitive texture
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    berries pattern
  14. Oxalis Triangularis graphic illustration oxalis shape skillshare still life
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    Oxalis Triangularis
  15. artichoke aperitivo artichoke cooking food plant based recipe vegan vegetarian
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  16. beetroot beetroot procreate
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  17. Still
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  18. Still
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  19. Still from animated film animation animation 2d animation design character commission commissioned shot
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    Still from animated film
  20. Black Hen Doodle black doodle doodling hen illustration procreate sketch sketching
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    Black Hen Doodle
  21. home casa cozy home home office house icons illustration lockdown nomad remote
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  22. Vaux's Swift netflix night on earth oregon portland sleepless cities swifts
    View Vaux's Swift
    Vaux's Swift
  23. Moose feasting on pumpkin on Halloween Night alaska halloween illustration moose netflix night on earth sleepless sleepless cities
    View Moose feasting on pumpkin on Halloween Night
    Moose feasting on pumpkin on Halloween Night
  24. Solo Dancer charleston colorful dancer digital dynamic illustration improvisation jazz lindy hop movement procreate swing
    View Solo Dancer
    Solo Dancer
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