Friendventure WIP App Redesign by Friendventure

We had the great opportunity to redesign the whole app concept (UI / UX) with talented developers from cologne. Stay curious to see upcoming shots!

3 Shots


Tweety 2.0 | Feed + Navigating

September 07, 2018

Hello people, the project for Tweety 2.0 is still running and the developer are really ambitious to push the app to the limit. I want to share with you another inside in the new app appearance and hope you enjoy it. Best & have a ...

Tweety 2.0 | Login + Search

August 24, 2018

Hey peeps,👋 this is another shot out of the process for "Tweety 2.0". I have to cover the real name at this point, so do not think to much about it. The friendly but clean look was one of the main goals we try to design for the whole a...

App start

WIP | Affiliate Mobile App

August 10, 2018

Hey folks, it´s friday afternoon and time to share some WIP shot of an app design I´m working on at the chilled office of FV. Stay curious about upcoming shots of this project. Made with love ❤️ at Friendventure