1. Flexport Dashboard 2.0 datavisualization supply chain logistics enterprise ux maps dataviz dashboard design dashboard ui dashboard
    Flexport Dashboard 2.0
  2. Flexport Design Kit
    Flexport Design Kit
  3. Latitude design guidelines guidelines design systems design system
    Latitude design guidelines
  4. Flexport Design Team Principles culture principles
    Flexport Design Team Principles
  5. Flexport Design Team Values culture values
    Flexport Design Team Values
  6. Flexport Design & Research sticker
    Flexport Design & Research
  7. The new way forward team branding logo design
    The new way forward
  8. Transmission App white ui clean flat design mobile
    Transmission App
  9. Flexport Icon Set icon set logistics transportation iconography icons icon
    Flexport Icon Set
  10. Logistics Tracker Idea logistics app web
    Logistics Tracker Idea
  11. Design Systems at the Helm principles poster flexport design
    Design Systems at the Helm
  12. Navigate Toward Clarity principles poster flexport design
    Navigate Toward Clarity
  13. Roll Biases, Ship with Evidence user research principles poster flexport design
    Roll Biases, Ship with Evidence
  14. User Experience is Everyone's Responsibility principles poster flexport design
    User Experience is Everyone's Responsibility
  15. Flexport Design Principles poster principles design flexport
    Flexport Design Principles
  16. Quote request radio selectors gradient purple logistics form web
    Quote request
  17. Flexport Design Kit whitespace color typography design kit ui kit ui
    Flexport Design Kit
  18. Billing web logistics app
  19. Freight Tracking logistics app web
    Freight Tracking
  20. Think Big Ship Incrementally typography team values poster
    Think Big Ship Incrementally
  21. Sharing Permissions  travel logistics view collaborate share private green toggle dropdown permissions
    Sharing Permissions
  22. Purchase order
    Purchase order
  23. Shipment Timeline
    Shipment Timeline
  24. Some Icons
    Some Icons
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