1. Inspection Questionnaire questionnaire streamline icons ui design ibm plex sans emoji commenting select long form modal carousel ios radio buttons form mobile app design product design ux mobile ui
    View Inspection Questionnaire
    Inspection Questionnaire
  2. Data Entry Mobile App tabs list dashboard mobile app design product design streamline icons ibm plex ibm plex sans chart inspection real estate minimal clean simple form data entry ux ui ios mobile
    View Data Entry Mobile App
    Data Entry Mobile App
  3. Templates Index Page app design web application tags streamline icons avatar drop shadow float popover task process inter font templates grid ux ui web app blue
    View Templates Index Page
    Templates Index Page
  4. Kanban Board ui management corporate web application productivity app process enterprise cards dashboard web app app design board view board kanban task draggable drag red ux
    View Kanban Board
    Kanban Board
  5. Adding a Task animation micro interaction app design web app business avatar graph task management ibm plex sans productivity tasks smart animate figma interaction ux ui add kanban board task
    View Adding a Task
    Adding a Task
  6. Series & Sermon Browsing teaching chuch ux ui interaction animation video ios app design sermon series dark ui figma smart animate simple clean minimal graphik graphik font
    View Series & Sermon Browsing
    Series & Sermon Browsing
  7. Commenting Interaction graphik font graphik dark mode app design ios form text icons comment commenting simple clean black and white smart animate figma interaction ux ui animation
    View Commenting Interaction
    Commenting Interaction
  8. Jump To Section Menu animation menu hashtags list simple clean interaction design smart animate orange graphik modern web design ui ux figma interaction
    View Jump To Section Menu
    Jump To Section Menu
  9. Get Involved Page layout clean minimal ux organization kids canada graphik geometric simple modern web design website ui interaction animation scroll parallax orange jesus
    View Get Involved Page
    Get Involved Page
  10. Church Finder (Pulsing Animation) geometric panel simple clean modern homepage landing page website design ui pulsing pulse animation find finder search website graphik font graphik orange map
    View Church Finder (Pulsing Animation)
    Church Finder (Pulsing Animation)
  11. Jesus Collective Website minimal panels simple clean modern homepage design web page design landing page homepage circles avatar brown website design orange graphik ux ui responsive web jesus website
    View Jesus Collective Website
    Jesus Collective Website
  12. Form Tester (FREEBIE) animation auto animate rounded corners neon green emoji material underline material design forms long form focus inter figmaapp figma ux ui test form
    View Form Tester (FREEBIE)
    Form Tester (FREEBIE)
  13. Color Picker (FREEBIE) freebies swatch form css website app web app ux freelance download figma design figma app ibm plex mono color picker color ui resource freebie free figma
    View Color Picker (FREEBIE)
    Color Picker (FREEBIE)
  14. Big Data Tables data input forms form field dashboard icons button formula agriculture streamline icons ui ibm plex sans green nutrition orange table data big data
    View Big Data Tables
    Big Data Tables
  15. Playbook iOS App ux ui playbook book streamline icons process task checklist users checkboxes multiple choice filter iphone inter inter font purple commenting comment form
    View Playbook iOS App
    Playbook iOS App
  16. Template Builder UI form grid date time checkbox template purple streamline icons inter app web app ux ui task form builder builder components input forms
    View Template Builder UI
    Template Builder UI
  17. Web App UI cards simple design process task streamline icons status tags book purple commenting list form ux ui web app simple
    View Web App UI
    Web App UI
  18. Passport™️ Exploration avatar product product design passport profile account streamline icons share green verification identity icons ui ux ios iphone avenir next
    View Passport™️ Exploration
    Passport™️ Exploration
  19. Home Church Finder clean church minimal house native app app ux ui ios list list view icons graphik font graphik modal white black location map find
    View Home Church Finder
    Home Church Finder
  20. Create New Asset new create android app design recycle modal data table illustration green select ui ux android app android lato
    View Create New Asset
    Create New Asset
  21. Notes - Light/Dark Mode text icon comment negative space graphik font graphik clean black and white black white light switch toggle popover ux ui native app ios dark mode light mode
    View Notes - Light/Dark Mode
    Notes - Light/Dark Mode
  22. Search Exploration app design app icons tags ux ui clean modern black and white black close tab bar tabs nucleo iphone graphik font graphik search ios native app
    View Search Exploration
    Search Exploration
  23. TMH Watch template desktop ux ui mobile share home house icons nucleo app graphik font graphik video player black overlay player video youtube watch
    View TMH Watch
    TMH Watch
  24. TMH Site Landing Page modules photography black and white bold hero webpage paging side navigation home church kids staff ui website church canada graphik font graphik modern simple clean
    View TMH Site Landing Page
    TMH Site Landing Page
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