1. FRESH THAT FIGHTS BACK bad breath fly portable winter fresh design logo branding mouthwash package design
  2. MLH Hackcon camp camper 2018 github conference hacker hackcon mlh
    View MLH Hackcon
    MLH Hackcon
  3. Crypto Chameleon hacker keys chameleon tech season hackathon 2019 crypto mlh
    View Crypto Chameleon
    Crypto Chameleon
  4. ATL - Atlanta culture fonts branding community city atl type letters snapchat atlanta rainbow colors
    View ATL - Atlanta
    ATL - Atlanta
  5. Simply Sweet-P Dinner Rolls (exploration) branding logo identity bakery chef food package bread dinner rolls baking dough package design
    View Simply Sweet-P Dinner Rolls (exploration)
    Simply Sweet-P Dinner Rolls (exploration)
  6. Colors of Atlanta filter snapchat type typography rainbow creativesouth atl colors ai transparency atlanta
    View Colors of Atlanta
    Colors of Atlanta
  7. Detroit Church Badge  design brand mark logo badage branding people d detroit sunshine religion cross church
    View Detroit Church Badge
    Detroit Church Badge
  8. March Against Poverty  love stickers badge design tshirt graphic design campaign poverty march summer16 map swag
    View March Against Poverty
    March Against Poverty
  9. Ada Lovelace  lines design illustration vr 2017 hacking mlh tshirt lovelace ada
    View Ada Lovelace
    Ada Lovelace
  10. MLH h l m isometric colors primary dell hack ny mlh
    View MLH
  11. Action Bar ux app atlanta food nearby menu floating action bar ui xd
    View Action Bar
    Action Bar
  12. Spendefy Booklet pages atlanta print spreads booklet spendefy
    View Spendefy Booklet
    Spendefy Booklet
  13. Detroit Church all things new design brand mark logo branding people d detroit sunshine religion cross church
    View Detroit Church
    Detroit Church
  14. Punchlines & Promises  music cover promises punchlines rap atlanta hiphop mixtape
    View Punchlines & Promises
    Punchlines & Promises
  15. EatWhatYouKill hunting freelance illustration eat what you kill kill fishing hunter
    View EatWhatYouKill
  16. Explorations for Detroit Church design brand mark logo branding people d detroit sunshine religion cross church
    View Explorations for Detroit Church
    Explorations for Detroit Church
  17. 90s Tech vector disk floppy pc phone cell boy game tech 90s
    View 90s Tech
    90s Tech
  18. Beauty Supplies elements brand comb scissors dryer blow supplies beauty salon abbys
    View Beauty Supplies
    Beauty Supplies
  19. Prescription App Wireframes ux ui pills medical doctor wireframes app prescription
    View Prescription App Wireframes
    Prescription App Wireframes
  20. Dribbble Invite  2 invites draft talented designers dribbble invites
    View Dribbble Invite
    Dribbble Invite
  21. Culture Code Create create culture code seminoles fsu hackfsu hackathon hack hours arcade 90s flyer
    View Culture Code Create
    Culture Code Create
  22. bundl  bundle icon stamp texture alerts mobile reports
    View bundl
  23. Gameboy 90s tech gameboy controller phone cell tape spring
    View Gameboy
  24. School Report report school card ui ux grades
    View School Report
    School Report
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