1. WFH Tip: If kids are home, work in shifts

  2. WFH Tip: Use πŸ›‘on Slack when unavailable

  3. WFH Tip: Turn notifications off on weekends and evenings

  4. WFH Tip: Use a real photo as your avatar

  5. WFH Tip: Hold a virtual team lunch

  6. WFH Tip: Change out of your pajamas!

  7. WFH Tip: Use your previous commute time for wellness

  8. Social Distancing 2020

  9. I joined DocuSign!

  10. Design Rubric

  11. WFH Tip: Block your calendar for 1 hour at lunch

  12. WFH Tip: Schedule 45-min meetings instead of full hour

  13. WFH tip: Turn on your camera!

  14. UX Copywriting for Accessbility

  15. We're fixing it

  16. Happy Chinese New Year 2020

  17. MLK 2020

  18. Auto Sign

  19. Design Poster Series

  20. Portfolio Test Kitchen

  21. Illustration

  22. How to take a photo

  23. Drag and Drop for iOS 11

  24. DocuSign Summer Camp Badge 2

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