1. Student Portal - Messaging chat education email glass effect glassy messages messaging messenger product design ui user interface
    View Student Portal - Messaging
    Student Portal - Messaging
  2. Beauty App - Feed app beauty mobile ui ux wellness
    View Beauty App - Feed
    Beauty App - Feed
  3. Beauty App - Profile app beauty cosmetics mobile profile skincare social ui wellness
    View Beauty App - Profile
    Beauty App - Profile
  4. Travel Destination Landing Page destination landing landingpage mexico travel trips
    View Travel Destination Landing Page
    Travel Destination Landing Page
  5. Travel Tours Homepage cards destinations homepage tours travel trips webapp webpage
    View Travel Tours Homepage
    Travel Tours Homepage
  6. Career Skills Dashboard badges dashboard education elearning gamification grow learning profile progress skills tests ui videos
    View Career Skills Dashboard
    Career Skills Dashboard
  7. Intranet Dashboard cards darkmode dashboard intranet objectives progress projects ui ux
    View Intranet Dashboard
    Intranet Dashboard
  8. Intranet Social Feed darkmode dashboard feed intranet post posts social social media social network ui
    View Intranet Social Feed
    Intranet Social Feed
  9. Employee Profile dark hr intranet linkedin profile team ui user
    View Employee Profile
    Employee Profile
  10. NFT Card Game blockchain cryptoart ethereum games nft tokens web
    View NFT Card Game
    NFT Card Game
  11. Online Application Landing admission application college courses education elearning landing login school ui university
    View Online Application Landing
    Online Application Landing
  12. E-Learning Student Dashboard calendar cards chatbot courses dashboard education elearning messages progress schedule ui ux
    View E-Learning Student Dashboard
    E-Learning Student Dashboard
  13. Messages Screen - Dark Theme Exploration chat dark dark theme interface messages messaging messenger
    View Messages Screen - Dark Theme Exploration
    Messages Screen - Dark Theme Exploration
  14. People crm employees followers friends hr organization people platform portal profiles team ui ux
    View People
  15. Student Portal Calendar agenda calendar courses education glass effect glassy meetings plan planning schedule timeline ui ux
    View Student Portal Calendar
    Student Portal Calendar
  16. Car Repair Center Website auto car homepage repair shop website
    View Car Repair Center Website
    Car Repair Center Website
  17. Confirmation Success Screen check confirmation done success success message successful
    View Confirmation Success Screen
    Confirmation Success Screen
  18. App Launcher admin apps dashboad library vm
    View App Launcher
    App Launcher
  19. Upload Screen progress upload
    View Upload Screen
    Upload Screen
  20. Student Retention Dashboard dark ui dashboard education student
    View Student Retention Dashboard
    Student Retention Dashboard
  21. Peer to Peer Landing collaboration elearning landing peer to peer
    View Peer to Peer Landing
    Peer to Peer Landing
  22. Homepage homepage homepage design landing product design webdesign website
    View Homepage
  23. Intro Animation Concept 🤡 animation countdown intro portfolio principle website
    View Intro Animation Concept 🤡
    Intro Animation Concept 🤡
  24. Sidebar Animation Concept [Freebie] animation dashboard filters freebies principle sidebar
    View Sidebar Animation Concept [Freebie]
    Sidebar Animation Concept [Freebie]
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